Last year, FIAPO intervened in the Supreme Court case to challenge the street dog culls that take place in different parts of the country, most recently in Kerala. Within a short time we were able to get an excellent legal team together and along with the AWBI and other petitioners, were able to get a well-balanced interim order in our favour of dogs.

However, the danger is far from over. The Supreme Court continues to hear this case and we will continue to place the most relevant information before the court.

As a Federation representing India’s animal protection organisations, we also want to bring to the attention of the Supreme Court the hurdles that NGOs face with their local administration (municipalities and municipal corporations) to effectively run ABC programmes.

In a national effort, we are calling NGOs across the country to send us below mentioned data on their official letterhead. We will then, on behalf of the animal protection movement, take it to the court and point out the glaring inadequacies in the implementation of the ABC programme.

Please explain in as much detail as possible the nature of each of these issues, specific to your city. For example, your local authority might have the budget for the dog vans, but has not purchased them since the beginning of the ABC programme.

A full list of questions for guidance are below. Please send this to mail@fiapo.org

1.   Has the Municipal corporation in your city carried out a census/ dog population estimate ? please share a copy of this if it exists.

2.   Do any records exist in your city for the following :

  • Number of cases of dog bites
  • Of these, number of cases that were from pet dogs
  • Doses of post bite anti rabies vaccines administered to humans
  • Number of human deaths as a result of rabies

Kindly share a copy of these records to the extent these are available. Please do not hesitate to send us any such data that you have. It is likely that your data could be of use in this very crucial case.

3.   Does the municipal corporation in your city provide any funds / infrastructure/ any other assistance for sterilisations / vaccinations ?

  • Please share details of funding that your municipal corporation has provided for sterilisations / vaccinations
  • Please share details of any infrastructure (kennels, operation theatres, dog catching vehicles, medicines, vaccines) that may have been provided in your city by the municipal corporation / any other government department (such as animal husbandry)

4.   Has a monitoring committee been constituted in your city as per the Rule 4 of ABC (Dogs) Rules, 2001? If yes, please share a copy of the order constituting the committee.

5.   If you have made any efforts to liaise with your municipal corporation for setting up a sterlisation and vaccination programme, please share this information with us, including key correspondence.

6.   If the municipal corporation in your city owes you funds for sterilization / vaccination that have not been made available for over 6 months, kindly share these details, including any correspondence, and minutes etc that you may have.

Please telephone Prashanth V on 08745017435 if you have any questions. It is crucial that you share information with the items above with us so that these can be brought to the notice of the court.