FIAPO Bootcamp 2017 South Zone-Meet the Speakers

As the dates for Bootcamp 2017-South Zone (14th July-16th July) approach, the preparations are in full swing to put up a good show. The aim of the event is to effectively bring together the people in the southern part of India towards a more united, strong and empowered animal rights force. We are delighted to share a little more about what the Bootcamp has in store!
The 3 day weekend residential Bootcamp’s program is divided into 4 tracks, the details of which are available here.There are however, some workshops that all participants attend on common issues like organisation/group development (including managing volunteers), fundraising, communications and more! To aid this, thought leaders in the animal rights movement of India, like Dr. S. Chinny Krishna and Norma Alvares, amongst others, will be sharing their thoughts and engaging with the audiences on:

  • The Vision of an Indian Animal Rights Community
  • Animal Rights Activists: Who are we?
  • Setting the Context: Animal Rights in the South
  • The Indian Animal Rights Movement: What Are We Doing, Why and How?
  • Innovation and Best Practice for your Activism for each individual track
  • Picking, Planning and Running a Successful Campaign for each individual track

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Though the registrations for the Bootcamp are officially closed, we do have 2 more seats left for the Legal Enforcement Track. Register Now

Stay tuned, for the registrations for North Zone are opening up soon!