A Call for Personhood of Animals!

Animals are the largest community of sentient beings exploited for the sole purpose of human consumption. Be it for fashion or food, medicine or sport - the one thread that ties all cruelty towards animals is the long-standing belief that animals are here for us, not with us.

Even our laws state animals as ‘property’- no different than a table or a chair or a car, offering protection to the ‘worth’ they hold for humans, devoid of any intrinsic value. Thankfully, we live in a world marked by its gradual shift toward equality. And it’s high time we demand equality for animals.

With this ideal in mind, we’ve taken a bold step forward- demanding legal personhood for the Asian Elephant on grounds of their intrinsic value and dignity

The immediate objective is to secure the status of legal “persons” for the Asian Elephant (Elephas Maximus), and we are demanding that all begging elephants in Punjab and Gujarat are immediately rehabilitated into sanctuaries on grounds of their intrinsic value. Read our submission to the states here and here.