A TRUCKload of Vegan Activism!

Credited for introducing and popularising most outreach formats used in India today for vegan advocacy, the ambitious #LivingFree activists and network aren’t ones to sit quietly.

Enter India’s grandest outreach – Truth on Wheels!

The idea for this innovative outreach came from the recent amendment to the transport rules in 2016.
According to the amendment, animals being transported for slaughter are to be provided adequate space and ‘better’ travel conditions. Unfortunately, most of the times, these rules are not followed and the animals cramped, caged and forced into trucks for their death march, far from the conditions mentioned by the government!
Speaking about the Truth on Wheels, Varun Virlan, a #LivingFree activist aptly commented “This was a grand outreach event involving effort and good-quality work, but guaranteed to turn heads, which it did! Simulating the conditions of cruel (and illegal transport)- beautiful stuffed ‘toys’ of farmed animals were stacked in a truck with the background sounds of their sad, wailing voices. It got the message home - instantly.”
Rohit Ingle – the vegan-powered activist touring India on his bicycle said “LivingFree does a remarkable job of creating innovative ways to raise the voice of veganism – especially in a world were attention spans are low, this becomes critical for our campaigns for animals;”
The response to the campaign was hugely rewarding – turning heads throughout its 40 km route, Truth on Wheels attracted salutes from passers-by, and instant missed calls to pledge support for the campaign. 
We are indebted to the Living Free Delhi team who made this a success, and now, we are all set with our pedal to the metal, roaring ahead to spread the message of compassion in other parts of the city as well.