FIAPO takes preventive action to protect dogs after a confirmed rabies case in Maharashtra

Location: Thane, Maharashtra

Date: 4 May 2018 – 7 May 2018

Nature of Issue: Preventive action to protect dogs in response to confirmed canine rabies bites

FIAPO's action: FIAPO worked with local organisations and the local government authorities to facilitate swift action in the area regarding ABC, ARV, and education and counselling of the affected community. FIAPO also supported the Thane administration by providing them with educational material that could be used in this and other such future cases.

Response of community: The Thane SPCA worked with the Chief Veterinary Officer of the Thane Municipal Corporation to get ABC and ARV undertaken in the area of the incident. The Mumbra Animal Welfare Society undertook education programmes for people in the area - on dog-bite and rabies prevention.

Response of the government: As a result of the actions by local organisations, individual activists and FIAPO, the government undertook the following:

  • Separate ABC and ARV programmes in the affected area, in addition to the general programmes they undertake in the city
  • Education programmes in the area on dog-bite and rabies prevention

A Brief Insight into the Case

The recent Thane case - https://timesofindia.indiatimes.com/city/thane/postmortem-confirms-stray-that-attacked-four-had-rabies-victims-still-under-watch/articleshow/64005445.cms, was an example of a situation where a confirmed rabid dog bit 4 people. The animal was declared as rabid at a veterinary hospital in Parel, Mumbai, while the victims were quickly treated through post-rabies prophylaxis.

In response to this, and to ensure that it did not spiral into violence against innocent street dogs, FIAPO wrote to the Thane local administration. The Thane administration was quick to take up the issue, and ensured that all the dogs in the area were sterilised and vaccinated against rabies. FIAPO had also sent educational material on dog-bite and rabies prevention to the veterinary department of the Thane Municipal Corporation, to be distributed in the area. Additionally, the affected community was spoken to about dog-bite and rabies prevention, to stem future preventable bites and violence against animals. FIAPO’s partners  - Thane SPCA and Mumbra Animal Welfare Society, Thane were key stakeholders that were instrumental in getting these actions implemented

Read the letter sent to Commissioner Municipal Corporation, Thane here.