India and Indians have had a historic relationship with  street dogs which even finds a mention in various mythological texts. This finds reflection in central legislation that requires sterilisation as a means of dog population management. However, in recent times, this progressive and compassionate “no-kill” position has come under threat with a number of courts hearing petitions for killing of dogs or otherwise the provision of removing and displacing; both leading to acts of unmitigated cruelty against them.

At present, the critical question – whether culling of street dogs should be legal in India, is pending before the Supreme Court of India. FIAPO has risen to the occasion and along with the best legal minds in the country is continuously defending our four legged friends across the nation. We are bringing critical data and information to the knowledge of the court and ensuring that there are no developments inimical to the interests of dogs.

Protecting our street dogs from cruel killing and displacement is a massive responsibility and we can only fulfil it with your support. Please click here  to help us in this fight for the right of dogs to live free of cruelty.

To participate in this campaign and to know what to do if you learn of dogs being killed, click here.

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