The Federation of Indian Animals Protection Organisations (FIAPO) is India’s most comprehensive NGO-network of animal protection workers, activists, supporters, advocates, campaigners for the protection of animals in India.

By becoming a member, we all increase our opportunities to communicate; to learn from and teach each other; to understand the differences and to work collectively to elevate the standard of care and level of knowledge related to animal welfare in India under an umbrella of unity. This unity is expressed in our will to protect animals from human and natural disasters, from exploitation and abuse in all spheres and fields, including animals used for food and fibre, companion animals, wildlife, animals used in entertainment and animals used in experiments and research.

We want to help improve the conditions of the 900 million animals in India and support the local grassroots groups that are working hard to help the voiceless animals. FIAPO’s membership has been created to achieve this. FIAPO’s members are currently comprised of animal shelters, animal rescue organisations, vegan outreach groups and wildlife groups involved in animal protection across India.

  Membership Criteria

The Federation is open for membership to organisations registered in India, whose programmes and missions are consistent with the purposes of the Federation as expressed in our mission statement. All membership applications are subject to the review and discretion of the FIAPO.

  Membership Process

A membership form must be completed and emailed to along with the supporting documents required. Once approved, FIAPO’s office will notify the member organisation and provide introductory information. The membership process is expected to take 2-3 weeks.

  Member Benefits


The support available from FIAPO – one-to-one – for issues and problems faced by members is made available for free.

Discounted events

A considerable discount (or even free!) places will be offered as a priority to all members at FIAPO workshops, events and training programmes

Dedicated Coverage in Newsletter

A section called ‘Meet a Member’ will be included in every issue of the official FIAPO newsletter, which will be dedicated only to highlight the profiles of members organisations and their projects. Members will have full control over the content of this section.

Online Platform

All members will be connected to each other by being on a dedicated member’s only online platform.

  Become a FIAPO Board Member

Becoming a member makes organisations eligible to be on the board of trustees of FIAPO Member Responsibilities.

Members are encouraged, when possible, to participate in workshops, network with other members, and respond to initiatives and campaigns that help animals.At present FIAPO members are not required to submit membership fees. This may change in future by a decision of the FIAPO Board of Trustees.

Application not Granted

In case your application is not accepted by The Board, the applicant may appeal at the next Annual General Meeting.

Cancellation of Membership

The Board may for reasons which seem good and sufficient, cancel the membership of any member but shall not be required to give reasons for doing so. Before this cancellation becomes effective the member shall be given 28 days notice.

Member Resignation

Any member wishing to resign from the Federation shall do so by giving notice in writing to the Chairperson. No society, body or association shall be admitted to membership within three months prior to the date of the Annual General Meeting.


To encourage transparency and foster connections between different organisations, we will be sharing your details with other organisations which are a part of this federation, so please note that some of your details will not remain confidential. If you have concerns, please contact us.