Arth Foundation Seeks Legal Help

Arth Foundation was registered in 2014 by Mrs. Laj Jain, works for the protection of animal rights. They are involved in rescuing animals like dogs, bulls, cats etc. They also indulge in imparting education to various schools, colleges about protection of animals and have been actively involved in filing police complaints for the protection of rights of the animals.

Mrs. Jain reached out to FIAPO regarding a girl from Village Machda (20 kms away from Jaipur) - an animal lover, has sheltered cats and feeds dogs near her locality. This girl had been struggling with the locals who threatened her for keeping cats and were against her feeding dogs.

To support Arth Foundation, FIAPO reached out to Mr. Sanjay Agarwal, Commissioner of Police, Jaipur and also wrote to the authorities to tackle the above situation and to let the girl peacefully live with her pets. There has been a considerable movement in the case ever since FIAPO is dealing directly with the authorities.

Read the letter writtin to The Commissioner Of Police, Jaipur here.