The Federation of Indian Animals Protection Organisations (FIAPO) is India’s most comprehensive NGO-network of animal protection workers, activists, supporters, advocates, campaigners for the protection of animals in India.

By becoming a member, one can increase our opportunities to communicate; to learn from and teach each other; to understand the differences and to work collectively to elevate the standard of care and level of knowledge related to animal welfare in India under an umbrella of unity. This unity is expressed in our will to protect animals from human and natural disasters, from exploitation and abuse in all spheres and fields, including animals used for food and fibre, companion animals, wildlife, animals used in entertainment and animals used in experiments and research.

We want to help improve the conditions of the animals in India and support the local grassroots groups that are working hard to help the voiceless animals. FIAPO’s membership has been created to achieve this. FIAPO’s members are currently comprised of animal shelters, animal rescue organisations, vegan outreach groups and wildlife groups involved in animal protection across India.

 Membership Criteria

The Federation is open for membership to organisations registered in India, whose programmes and missions are consistent with the purposes of the Federation as expressed in our mission statement. All membership applications are subject to the review and discretion of the FIAPO.

If you are working in an individual capacity, carrying out some amazing work for the animals, you can still be associated with FIAPO. Fill up the form here. Our team will review your credentials and get back to you within a week.

 Member Benefits

As a member of FIAPO, the following services are made available to you. These services are exclusive to our member organizations in order to emphasize our belief that federative-ness is the key towards achieving our goals.

Start major campaigns: Are you wanting to stop illegal slaughter, end rabies, or start ABC in your city? Join any of FIAPO’s national campaigns (check them all out here) and gain access to necessary resources, technical support, training, small campaign costs, and dedicated mentorship to ensure the campaign meets its end.

Network Nationally: Active in 70 cities, FIAPO has one of the largest networks in India. If your campaign requires the support of other NGOs or activists near your, contact us and we will put you in touch with others.

Legal Support: Free legal advice and support on any and all issues is also provided from our full-time in house legal affairs manager to all members. Simply write to us with your issue and we’ll make sure we help out.

Financial Support: FIAPO provides reimbursement of small costs associated with campaigns. Contact us to find out more information at mail@fiapo.org

Discounted Trainings: FIAPO conducts hundreds of trainings- city-wide, state-wide, zonal and national events (like the famous India for Animals Conference). Participation in these training is heavily discounted for FIAPO members.

Mediation Services: Services to help with mediation, conflict-resolution and any self-care support are available to all FIAPO members, should the need arise.

Newsletters and Mailers: Keep abreast of the latest news, opinions and updates on the current happenings in the Animal Rights Movement in India through our regular electronic newsletters and mailers.

Access to Electronic Resources: Directory of animal protection organisations, detailed information on all national and state laws pertaining to animals, an online leadership development series, and reports on investigations and leading issues in India are all available on FIAPO’s website free of cost.

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Animals and Plants Welfare Trust, Thane

Established in June 2015, Animals and Plants Welfare Trust is a young and upcoming NGO based out of Thane that has been actively ........Read More

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 Membership Process

Becoming a FIAPO member is simple! Simply fill up the form online or download and send the form to mail@fiapo.org with supporting documents. Upon receiving the documents, FIAPO will approve the membership and provide the necessary introductory information. The membership process takes up to 3 weeks to complete. Apply now!

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All membership applications are subject to the review and discretion of the FIAPO. There is no cost associated with membership for FIAPO.


To encourage transparency and foster connections between different organisations, we will be sharing your details with other organisations which are a part of this federation, so please note that some of contact details (such as name, email, address, telephone number) will not remain confidential. If you have concerns, please contact us at mail@fiapo.org.