FIAPO Companion Animal Grants- Improving infrastructure and services for companion animals

Grants fund the development of a single animal care facility, like a shelter, ABC centre, hospital or hospice for animals with special needs for up to 5 lakh rupees. The Grant’s intent is to assist NGOs in performing the services for which they have been established, by creating strong infrastructure and putting in place certain standard policies and protocols.

Applications are now open (Hyperlink to the digital form) till the 30th of September, 2017. Non- profit animal care facilities from all over the country are encouraged to apply for this opportunity.


  • Who can apply for this grant?

Anyone looking to build upon/ improve the infrastructure of their facilities and enhance the quality of life of their animals and efficiency of operations can apply for this grant. Minimum requirements include

o   Being a FIAPO member –apply here if you’re not one already! (Hyperlink)

o   A full or at least part-time vet in employment by the organisation–If not currently present, then veterinary facility/services to be acquired before beginning work through the grant

o   Adherence to FIAPO recommended minimal protocols and policies (give link to the policies document)

  • How will work proceed once the grant is given?

For the grant to be given, one first has to complete the application procedure mentioned below, which involves a proposal summarising the scope of work, deliverables and budgets basis which an in-principle agreement will take place.
Post this, a site visit will be made by a FIAPO representative after which the grant will be confirmed.

Once the grant has been confirmed the following will take place

  1. Drawing up list of necessary interventions (basis site visit and proposal)
  2. Budgeting of the interventions along with a timeline
  3. Both parties agree upon the budget, interventions and timeline
  4. Regular telephonic contact to ensure execution of interventions, along with a monthly report that could be oral or written.
  5. Site visit to review mid-term progress
  6. Regular telephonic contact to ensure execution of interventions
  7. Site visit to ensure end of term progress.

Disbursement of funds will happen on the basis of interventions completed, or may happen in quarterly transactions. However, disbursement will only happen for the bills that have been submitted irrespective of the grant amount.

  • Can the funds be used for services such as Animal Birth Control, hiring a veterinary doctor etc?

The funds are only meant for infrastructural changes, and do not include bearing any recurring expenses.

Thank you for your interest in the FIAPO Companion Animal Grants.

  • Grants proposals are due on the 1st of October, 2017.
  • Please submit your grant as an online application or in hard copy, posted to A-64, 2nd Floor, East of Kailash- 110065.

Click here to download the form and submit in hard copy.

Click here to fill the form online.