Federation of Indian Animal Protection Organisations (FIAPO)
Location: Delhi

Role: As India’s apex animal protection organization, one of the key tasks we’ve undertaken is to build a strong movement for animal protection in India. The foundational principle is that people who want to help animals will be stronger together. FIAPO’s mission is to bring people together to strengthen their work for animals. This is what we consider Movement Building. Through this work we seek to create and facilitate geographic or thematic networks of existing organisations and individuals that can respond to animal protection challenges.

Applicant Eligibility and Requirements:The qualified applicant will be a facilitator who enjoys creating dialogues with and between others, and who successfully identifies fruitful match-ups between people. This subtle “soft skill” will be developed over a period of time during which the candidate will learn the issues by making contact with others in the animal protection movement. Fluency in Hindi and English is required, and the successful candidate must be free to travel throughout the year. He or she must be comfortable with making multiple phone calls and using email at many intervals throughout an average day.

FIAPO is seeking to fill the position of Movement Building Coordinator. This is a high-wire act, to inspire, persuade and encourage groups, and this job will include:

  • Conduct a need analysis for various animal protection organisations in a city
  • Liaise with organisations working on animal protection in India and cultivate relationships with them making regular telephone contact with member groups and holding regular one-to-ones
  • Support networks by facilitating meetings, providing support, liaising with members and helping them meet their campaign goals
  • Make timely interventions to enable to network to develop high social capital
  • Organise training events on various issues to promote better practice.
  • Identify areas of conflict and work to provide resolution
  • Translate campaign strategies into mobilisation and engagement work plans and projects
  • The role holder will from time to time be required to carry out any other duties that are within the scope of the job, and as may be reasonably required
  • The candidate will be required to travel
  • Respond to any incoming requests for support, either by sourcing experts or through FIAPO’s services.
  • Organise training events on various issues to promote better practice.
  • Support the work for increasing FIAPOs reach and network across the country
  • Translate campaign strategies into mobilisation and engagement work plans and projects
  • Meet with other stakeholders like the municipal corporation to introduce state-led positive interventions for animals.

Organisation:  FIAPO is India’s apex animal protection organisation. As the collective voice of the animal protection movement in India, FIAPO is the catalyst that protects the interests of animals on local and national levels – through education, research, lobbying, mobilization, training and direct action. Created for the movement, by the movement, FIAPO is India’s only national federation. It has over 60 members and over 200 supporter organizations across the country.

Application Procedure: Please familiarize yourself FIAPO by reading through the web pages of www.fiapo.org before you apply.

Based on the job description and the website, within 300 words, please provide a cover letter with the following details

  • What role have you been in previously (voluntary or otherwise) that is closest to the advertised vacancy and for how long?
  • A challenging situation you have faced
  • Your current or last CTC (you will be required to give pay slips)

Please email jobs@fiapo.orgto know more or apply.