Cocoberry launches India’s first vegan yogurt!

I am very excited to share that after a series of consultations with FIAPO, Cocoberry – India’s leading frozen yogurt brand with over 2 million fans – is all set to introduce a vegan yogurt on their menu in Delhi NCR!

The magic of finger licking taste along with the nutritional value of fruits as toppings will now also be cruelty-free and vegan, making Cocoberry a guilt-free, healthy and any-time meal! Can your yogurt be any better than this?

Celebrating the partnership, Aniket Walia, CEO at Cocoberry, said, “If the way I choose to run my business can contribute to end farm animal suffering, then that is the path I would want to follow. I will provide a nutritional dessert which helps in digestion and strengthens the immune system, gives a flavor that is irreplaceable and at the same time, is not made out of dairy and does not contain ingredients that hurt animals in any way.”

Product development in Delhi NCR starts this week, and Cocoberry will be blending soy, almond and coconut milk with mouth watering palates like chocolate, berries, vanilla and more to come out with yummy vegan yogurt to relish on, and is expected to hit the market by the end of December. We can’t wait!

So please take a minute to tell Cocoberry just HOW much you appreciate this move and encourage them to introduce their vegan flavor soon! All you need to do is share this post “Thank you, Cocoberry for the vegan yogurt!” with 10 of your friends tagging @cocoberryfrozenyogurt on Facebook, and @aniketwalia26 on Instagram.
So next time you see a Cocoberry outlet in Delhi, be sure to get a dollop of cruelty-free indulgence!