Collaborating With People, for Animals!

All too often, we in the animal rights community attempt to solve issues on our own – due to the daunting prospect of working with the government or the difficult nature of partnerships with activists, and the complexities of bringing like-minded stakeholders to the table.

But sometimes, especially in case of conflict between people and dogs, there is need for a strong and united activist front coupled with government resources to solve this nationwide problem.
This is what #RabiesFreeIndia is aiming to achieve!
At the national and state level, we are simultaneously working with:
  • The urban and rural government departments for Animal Birth Control programmes (ABC) to control street dog populations,
  • Animal husbandry departments for anti-rabies vaccination programmes,
  • Education departments to start compulsory education on dog-bite and rabies prevention in schools, and
  • Health departments to set up counseling centres with proper post-rabies preventive measures in government hospitals.

Our most recent endeavour in this regard was a multi stakeholder workshop on ‘Systematic Rabies Management in Punjab’. A collaboration between #RabiesFreeIndia and Peedu’s People, the workshop discussed strategies for conflict management- ARV, education and counselling, with specific focus on proper systems for rabies control and elimination.

For the near future, we are reaching out to other national NGOs, which share these broad goals to further a joint effort to combat the problem at hand.

The approach we are taking marks the beginning of shared ideas and strategies for comprehensive human-dog conflict management in the country.

Come; collaborate with us for a #RabiesFreeIndia

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