Animal Matters, No 10: 3rd August, 2012

Dear Members and Friends,

I was shell shocked as I looked at the pathetic bundle of bones wrapped in black skin which I was told by our Vet was a young female Great Dane whereas, I thought it was a sling bag. In my brief few years in animal welfare, I thought I had seen it all; but this amount of neglect of a young one to the point of extreme starvation…..she died finally, in spite of all our care, but died loved.

Hundreds of articles and research done over the past several decades, on the reasons for human cruelty to animals, have still not come up with any answers which justifies the inflicting of cruelty on our helpless non-human living beings. I feel the time to analyse and ruminate over this issue is long over. The time to believe in the ‘power of one’ is also over. It is time to come together keeping our egos and differences aside; time to network and collaborate; time to rise as one strong solid force in defense of our non-human friends.

I am opening this newsletter, reminding us all that they have only us and to overcome the overwhelming odds against us, we have only our combined strength.

Naina Athale- FIAPO Governor.

India for Animals: The nominations for awards for animal protectionists in India are now closed! We look forward to announcing the winners at the conference!
Make sure you don’t miss the deadline of attending the conference, or walking off with a cash prize of 30,000 INR in Dragon’s Den! Registrations close in less than a month. Don’t miss this opportunity, register for IfA 2012 in Goa today.

Victory!: We have– along with other animal protection groups – been nagging BCCC for bad depiction of animals on TV. Finally, as the final order on one of the complaints, the Broadcasting Content Complaints Council (BCCC) has issued an advisory to TV channels asking them not to produce, purchase or broadcast content that is in any way harmful to the health and well being, or depiction, of any animal or species. The advisory extends to cover imported TV content.  This means no more cruel videos and depiction of animals in bad light. We ensured that this progressive step by BCCC is duly glorified. See the media coverage here

Holy Cow…
Khushboo Writes: Did you read about the ignominious idea from Punjab, where the plan is to introduce formula milk for calves born at numerous dairies? This is yet another example of constantly changing animal husbandry practices of dairying in India where calves are prematurely weaned from their mother and not allowed to express natural behaviour of suckling, grooming and forming maternal bonds. These are typical practices in mega dairies such as IFFCO dairy proposed in Andhra Pradesh. Sign the petition if you haven’t already at  to oppose India’s first mega dairy project! Do get your friends, family and colleagues to sign and be a part this campaign to prevent mega dairies in India.

Knowledge Exchange:  The local federation in Jaipur is coming together again tomorrow – this time to learn together, about press and media work. After a very successful press conference last month (, JFAPO wants to learn to continue presenting a collaborative message to the media, about their work and victories in Jaipur for animals. A half-day media training is being organised by FIAPO, to take place tomorrow, 4th August.

Ending Experimentation…
Alokparna writes:  This friendship day, be a friend to the millions of animals who are killed every year for the for the futile safety tests for cosmetics. This weekend, pledge to be cruelty free! Join FIAPO’s initiative in the global campaign “Be Cruelty Free” by signing and sharing it with your friends and family.

You can go one step ahead and gift yourself and your friends, guilt free and cruelty free cosmetics which have never been tested on animals – choose from a list of cosmetics such as LUSH, Body Shop, Lotus Herbals, Vicco and many more by looking for the leaping bunny symbol on the products you buy.

To help you get all the information you want about experimentation on animals in India, we have also been doing some work to get our website up to date with all the all the action happening on ending experimentation here  We will keep adding more stuff, but meanwhile, if there are resources you would like to see up there, get in touch at

Fruits of Collaboration: We have been collaborating for the welfare of the great Indian dog for the last couple of weeks – a cruelty case (leading to the death of a dog) was brought to light by a wildlife organisation from our local federation in Jaipur – a complaint with the magistrate has now been filed by our member, and we are hoping for action against the perpetrator. On a positive note, last week we put an animal guardian in touch with a great organisation in Delhi for promoting Indian dog adoptions, and another one in Lucknow to help with positive media coverage on our very own Indian dogs.

We Care Srinagar: Steve Goward and Bibek Debroy have also joined the media effort  – We Care Srinagar. Clear do’s and don’t’s from Steve, and as always, great clarity in Bibek’s piece. See

Blissful Bites…

In the land of haleems and kababs, FIAPO is trying to get something new in Hyderabad for the vegetarians, lactose intolerants and vegans. With the rise in the vegan population and interest in Hyderabad, we think it’s important to make available enough information and options available for reducing animal consummation. Our program is in its foetal stages and anyone interested please contact
Also some excellent news – our very own Himany Shetty who has been leading our work on vegan outreach in Mumbai, has won the IVS Vegan of the Year 2012 Award! Congratulations from all at FIAPO!

In focus: Indian Vegan Society

With India’s next vegan festival due this month, in focus is the organiser – our very own Indian Vegan Society (IVS). IVS has been carrying out various activities over the years, including promotion of vegan lifestyle with activities such as school programs, leafletting, newspaper articles, television interviews, newsletters and vegan festivals and events. They started ‘VeganVegetarian’ quarterly printed newsletter for the benefit of its members and supporters in 2010. IVS also run a Sthitaprajna Vegan Centre near Coastal Karnataka town of Byndoor, where people can visit, stay and learn about sustainable cruelty-free living at this riverside retreat in a family-like set up. For more info, see

We will be back with more news for you in another fortnight. In the meanwhile, please continue to help animals in your own way; remember – no action is too small.

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