Animal Matters, No 13: 14th September, 2012

Recently The Guardian published an article titled ‘Food Shortages could force the world into vegetarianism, warn scientists’. This may sound like music to the ears of animal rights activists. The past years have seen the UN and FAO, mainstream scientists and media echo the same sentiment. Celebrities are turning vegan. Bill Clinton, vegan for more than 2 years now, makes headline news about health. Sadly though, 67 billion land animals, and many times that number of sea animals are slaughtered every year for 7 billion humans.

That people are eating higher on the food chain is not just bad for the animals, it is land, water, food, and energy intensive and unsustainable. But making lifestyle changes is difficult. As we fight for change, we must acknowledge that animal exploitation occurs because of cultural conditioning. Taking our children to zoos and circuses, consuming chicken, eggs, milk or leather is our conditioning. For the Chinese dogs are edible, for the Japanese killing whales is culture, for some communities animal sacrifice is traditional, for the Spanish, bullfighting is heritage.

Gandhi said, “Be the change you wish to see in the world.” Once we ourselves experience making a change we will be better equipped as activists to get others to change. Most of us have been brought up on milk and have used leather. It’s cultural. Can we give this up in favour of the animals? Getting the world to change requires of us the courage to make changes first.

Dr Nandita Shah, FIAPO Trustee, Founder, SHARAN

India for Animals: India for Animals 2012 is gaining velocity! Registrations are filling fast and if you haven't registered, it's going to be a great challenge for you to pick which sessions you want to attend, they're all so good. There's very few spaces left, so register now before its too late

Holy Cow…
Amit Writes: We have received positive responses from various govt. officials in Andhra Pradesh who are ready to challenge the IFFCO mega dairy if it goes against the general public interest. So it is high time for the locals to raise their voice against this large scale cow cruelty in our country. We need volunteers, students & employees from Hyderabad who can come with us and show their resentment against such proposals to set up large commercial cattle farms in India. If someone knows some farmers’ or dairy farmers’ union which would like to show their resistance against IFFCO mega dairy, please email me their contacts at For updated information and facts, please read here

Knowledge Exchange:  A young activist in Bhopal has been struggling to help cows and bulls who are mostly vehicle accident victims. She finds them delivered daily now to her local polyclinic government facility where she is trying her best to help them, but she feels she is at risk of being shooed away. Support from Animal Aid, and Karuna Society – and we can hope life might be better for some animals.  Read full account here

Ending Experimentation…
On 1 September 2012, through our continuing partnership with Humane Society International (HSI), a seminar was hosted at the Centre for Cellular and Molecular Biology (CCMB) in Hyderabad. This was conducted by Dr Rakesh Mishra from CCMB and Dr Rohit Joshi from Centre for DNA Fingerprinting and Diagnostics (CDFD). Scientists from various research institutions in Hyderabad as well as teachers and students of pharmacy colleges attended the event. The focus of the seminar was to expose the participants, who use animals for research and training, to new and innovative methods, particularly in the use of lower order organisms such as the zebra fish and the common fruit fly. In this manner the use of animals such as mice and rabbits is minimised. Participants also had a chance to see laboratory demonstrations of the models.

Fruits of Collaboration
Manish Writes: After helping provide water, food and shelter to our feathered and furry friends, it was time for a more hands on approach last week. The Jaipur FAPO, with Claire and Erika Abrams from Animal Aid, Udaipur, and Dr. Rais, conducted an animal care workshop last weekend. Members, supporters and friends attended to learn the basics of helping an animal in need of first aid. A harmless bird in shock, a cow hit on the road, a dog with maggots, or a serpent trapped in a room – we now know better what to do for our voiceless friends. See photos here

Living Free
We are now exploring outreach activities in Hyderabad, Chennai, Pondicherry, Bangalore, Mysore and Ooti to take place during the month of October. Divya Sharma from Jaipur has been helping us with this project and you if you are interested in participating, please email her at

We Care Srinagar
FIAPO is gearing up to start its community outreach programme to take control over the human dog conflict in Srinagar. We are communicating with the locals who can help us out in bringing peace for dogs and humans in the valley.
This week, Kashmir Images – the weekly English newspaper, features the thoughts of an internationally renowned animal welfare activist, Sharon St Joan. She feels very strongly about the ABC programme started by the Blue Cross in Chennai. She says that started by Blue Cross of India back in the early60’s, this was the earliest, continuing spay/neuter program for community dogs anywhere in the world, and it is a truly remarkable accomplishment. See

In focus: DAYA
Featuring on of our new members this week – DAYA is the second organisation that joins us from Kerala. DAYA recently also received an award from the state, and has been making sterling efforts in both rescue and education. Set up by a small group about a decade ago, DAYA strongly believes in grassroots reform, and is run primarily by volunteers. For more info see

We will be back with more news for you in another fortnight. In the meanwhile, please continue to help animals in your own way; remember – no action is too small.

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