Animal Matters, No 16: 26th October, 2012

Dear Members and Friends,

My friend had to cancel his trip to Brussels where he was slated to speak about the importance of establishing foster care in India. Instead, he had to be with his sister in hospital, who is in the process of re-defining what ‘normal’ means.

Anjali, 28, is the world record holder among wheelchair athletes in the 200 meter race, which she achieved in the Swiss Nationals last year. She is one of the greatest para-athletes in the world. And she’s facing the biggest hurdle of her life.

Earlier this month she had back surgery to relieve pain. In place of back pain Anjali is suffering a new round of neurological “episodes” which are resulting, suddenly, in the loss of sensation in her upper body.

My friend sent me a photo of himself and Anjali in the hospital. She was smiling.

I – with others – am pulling for the animal protection movement to gain velocity. Whatever the obstacles, we have no work but to go forward as fast as we can. With a smile.

India for Animals: The conference is now less than a month away and we are nearly fully booked! We have budget accommodation available. Please get in touch at  This year, we are leaving several sessions ‘open’ – with no planned activities – specifically so that delegates can decide what are their priorities for animals in India, and hold their own sessions. But spaces are limited, so email soon to save one for your idea.
Holy Cow: When FIAPO talks about stopping the IFFCO mega-dairy proposed for Nellore, it may be hard to imagine the animals inside and why IFFCO and all factory farms need to be stopped. Explaining what a living hell is like, is not easy. But showing the truth is now possible, in just 2 minutes of pure inspiration.

We are learning from an Australian group (Animals Australia) on how to spread the message about factory farms. How? By broadcasting the first-ever television commercial exposing the truth about factory farming. It's for the dog markets of Korea and the puppy mills of Delhi. Everyone needs to understand what factory farming really IS.

Watch this ad – and share it with everyone you love. It's something beautiful for every animal trapped, caught, caged, confined.

Living Free: Reducing and stopping animal consumption is the purpose of a national leafleting effort, and FIAPO has helped galvanize leafleting sessions in Chennai, Auroville, Bangalore and Mysore, with many more cities to come. Teaming up with local organisations, we've been experimenting with different techniques of outreach and leafleting. We believe strongly in the need for pro-active educational work that requires relatively little money and is easy to do. Dan Philips, an American with passion for animals everywhere, shares his experience of leafleting in different Indian cities here

“Vegans are in denial!” So says one of FIAPO’s outspoken member organisation heads. FIAPO provides an online platform – using google groups – for animal protectionists across India to discuss and debate ideas, share information and network. Such a discussion is shared here about veganism, farming, and our ultimate dependence on animal life. Can we ever be truly free of animal use and abuse? See

We Care Srinagar: Are dogs intelligent? Can they communicate effectively? How are dogs and humans even remotely alike? How did they come to be known as man's best friend, when all we feel is mutual fear? Vasudev Murthy, from Bangalore, explains in his article

Fruits of Collaboration…
Manish writes: Last week, I was out with 20 other members and supporters of JFAPO (Jaipur Federation of Animal Protection Organisations), raising awareness about the treatment and status of animals in the pet industry as merely economic commodities. Concern is increasing among animal protectors across India about the unregulated industries of pet shops and breeders. In Chandigargh, a Governing Order for regulation has been obtained, and we are hearing about similar attempts in other parts of the country. In Jaipur – besides the lobbying with the Govt. and Municipal Corp – we are also focusing on raising awareness. The demand won’t stop unless people know, and the response has been excellent. JFAPO has prepared a leaflet – which you are free to adapt and use. For a downloadable copy, and photos and info on our demonstration in Jaipur, see

Knowledge Exchange: In our last issue, we reported on some cruelty cases we get asked to support, and the approach we recommend. Some excellent news from Bangalore – a family sensitized, and a caged dog that is no longer confined. Filing a complaint or taking strict action doesn’t always help. A group of 2-3 people with a soft voice and sensitivity can do the trick.

Joining hands to put animals out of cosmetic testing:  FIAPO has formally joined Humane Society International as a partner in its Be Cruelty-Free campaign to end animal testing for cosmetics in India. Through this partnership member organisations and others throughout the country will get a chance to exert influence to put an end to the cruel and completely needless testing of cosmetics on animals. We will keep you posted about opportunities to participate in this historic initiative through which we hope India will join the ranks of a number of countries in the world that prohibit the use of animals in cosmetic testing.

In focus: Humane Animal Society (HAS)
An inspiring story from Coimbatore – an organised movement there had a long way to go. This view helped inspire the establishment of Humane Animal Society (HAS). HAS been on the forefront of providing animal care in Coimbatore, and has also helped lead the way in collaborative work, by establishing a common minimum programme for sterilizing and vaccinating street and community dogs of Coimbatore. More about them here

To be a strategist for animal protection means surrendering to a continuing duty of deciding. It is not an infinitive form. To Decide, finished, done. It is a continuous doing, a life lived in the state of contemplating new impressions, new information, new decisions.

“It may be that when we no longer know what to do, we have come to our real work and when we no longer know which way to go, we have begun our real journey. The mind that is not baffled is not employed. The impeded stream is the one that sings.” – Wendell Berry

Help animals in your own way; remember – no action is too small.

Editorial Team,
Federation of Indian Animal Protection Organisations
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