Animal Matters, No 6: 8th June, 2012

When Julius Caesar's army would conquer a new region, his troops returned with samples of their booty to parade with pomp and splendor. Panthers in chains, Pygmys, tall black men in chains and ropes, gemstones, basketry, beadwork, and black babies. Everything was now the possession of Caesar. Look at it! No matter that thousands of human beings and animals died to make this zoological exhibition.

Zoos, dolphinariums, Night Safaris do the same thing Caesar did.

I am excited to see that FIAPO's website is filled with information about such animal-abuse adventures. Let's turn to the FIAPO website often, galvanize our understanding, and work creatively to oppose the projects coming up in our own back yards.

I was startled to learn that the Smithsonian Institute fought in court for the right to put an African man on display in the 1904 Chicago World's Fair! They lost.

I am looking forward to every coming FIAPO campaign, large or small, every squeak from every one of us who speaks out against the practice of forcing animals into captivity for human recreation. It was horrendous in the time of Caesar and hasn't gotten any nicer since.

Erika Abrams, FIAPO Trustee

IfA 2012 conference in Goa will be THE Number 1 OPPORTUNITY this year to find inspiration, information and basically have a blast meeting old friends and making new friends each of whom, like you, is extremely devoted to animals! Have you registered yet?

Sneak peek: Workshop on Improving Zoos, facilitated by well-known former Peta-India head Anuradha Sawhney. Ms Sawhney is one of India's most outspoken critics of zoos, and has led efforts to expose the corruption, ineptitude and fundamental wrong-headedness of zoos in India and internationally. She'll explain what has been done and how you can plug in to the movement to stop new zoos, shut down old ones and improve all of them in the meantime.

As a federation, our members are our central point of focus. As a part of our ongoing mission to serve our members better, we are creating a new section on our website, a members’ directory, where you can search for other members near you. Members will also be provided with dedicated space to promote their own activities and organisations. You can see examples here – every member gets an individual page, so send in your detailed profile. To read more about membership, and to become a member, see
Blissful Bites…

Our test leafleting is under way! The aim is to learn, document and train on the most effective leafleting methods and the best locations to do leafleting in. You can download our leaflets here and here  Our first test took us to NCPA, where an IIT event was under way. Leaflets were handed out to the young students, and we where thrilled by their response! You can see some photos of the event here

Also in the world of Blissful Bites, PCRM's 21-day Vegan Kickstart India provides a research-based roadmap to jumpstart weight loss, boost your health, and reduce the risk of diabetes, heart disease, and other health problems. See

There has been some discussion about the recent Euro Fashions ad on our online forum, so we thought we'd post this news here again, it's a momentous victory indeed!
When we saw an advertisement in DNA, Mumbai edition (19th Feb, 2012) by Euro Fashions – naked men holding cockerels against their pelvic region asking 'What size are you' – we were appalled. We found the advert particularly offensive – depicting an extremely intelligent species of animals as a corollary of direct sexuality. We wrote to the Advertising Standards Council of India (ASCI) – and we are pleased to report that our complaint has been upheld, and the advertisement has been deemed indecent, vulgar and repulsive. The advertisement will now be withdrawn! Victory!  See

Ending Experimentation…

Alokparna writes: The entire nation watched as Aamir Khan revealed the horror stories from the Indian healthcare system on his show a couple of weekends ago. This, amidst reports, that drugs being prescribed have not been tested for safety on humans, after running animal trials. 
While these are valid concerns, the basic question to be asked, is that why are animal trials still being conducted if we know that they are unreliable? 92% of drugs that claim to pass the animal trials fail when tested on humans. Our healthcare system would improve only when our testing methods, scientists, doctors, and hospitals – all move towards advanced technology. Alternatives to animal testing are the future.  Is the Health Ministry listening?

Following from some photos on Facebook of suspected dog-fighting, we launched into action.  We suspect the person responsible to be from Punjab and the fight, taking place in Haryana, We have complained to the Inspector General of Police, Punjab and Haryana along with the Animal Welfare Board of India (AWBI). Working with the media, we have also announced a reward of Rs 10,000 for arrest and conviction of the suspect. Here are a few reports of this story in the media For more info on this case, see
Holy Cow…
Khushboo Writes: On the way to Hyderabad from Delhi to oppose the IFFCO mega dairy, I stopped in Mumbai to participate in a convention of socio political leaders. A presentation on animal welfare evoked many responses from the audience which was finding it difficult to place a connection between public policies and its impact on animal welfare. The shift in practices of animal husbandry –  industrialists investing in dairies – was discussed. And yes! We talked more about the IFFCO mega dairy too. Many participants from different geographical and professional backgrounds were excited with the prospects of local support. Are you ready to support a first of its kind campaign against a mega dairy in India? Email to stay updated with latest information.   

A few months ago, concerned members from Goa informed us about the indiscriminate snaring in the area. Down to Earth recently did a story on it. With the Govt. turning a blind eye, the killing continues.
More news from Goa, this time the Govt. is taking action, but we are yet to see if it bears fruit. A new committee has been set up – with FIAPO Trustee Norma Alvares a member – that will clamp down on illegal slaughter houses in Goa. See more

Collaboration: Jaipur Federation of Animal Protection Organisations (JFAPO) had a busy weekend – 10 groups, 30 volunteers, community participation and excellent team work – 100 waterbowls installed, and distribution points all over the city! More about it here

We received a complaint about an elephant chained all day with limited food and water at a temple in Kerala. Working with our members in the area – CUPA & WRRC, we wrote a strong letter to the Chief Wildlife Warden, asking for the abused elephant – called Narayanankutty –  to be transferred immediately to an Elephant Rehabilitation Center. We will let you know when Narayan is rehomed!

In focus: YOU!
The In Focus section is to allow FIAPO’s member organisations to talk about their vision, aim, activities – their day to day work, trials and triumphs! We want to focus on one member organisation each issue, so please get in touch today about publishing your stories of animal protection here. Email for details
We will be back with more news for you in another fortnight. In the meanwhile, please continue to help animals in your own way; remember – no action is too small.
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