Animal Matters, No 7: 22nd June, 2012

A Dash of Cheer: As a community of people who love and care for animals and their welfare, we come across depressing, tragic and heart-wrenching stories frequently. We have to battle negativity and inhumanity every day and plough on with courage to achieve the one goal – making life better for our furry, clawey and beaky friends. Thankfully, even as the volley of cruelty towards and man’s blatant abuse of animals continues unabated, the ‘human’ side of humanity too grows stronger with each passing day.

There are hundreds of stories of animals being rescued from abuse and neglect, treated, nurtured, rehomed, wildlife being rehabilitated in their natural habitats, academicians researching increasingly better welfare techniques, lawyers fighting for animal rights and wildlife conservation, homeless shelter animals being adopted and so on and so forth.

I want to share some of these success stories – from Asha, a Rhesus Macaque that was brought back home to India, to an elephant seal demanding fish smoothies – there is a reason to hope for a world without animal abuse. All our cows, and our dogs, and our bears, and all our animal companions have the best animal crusaders to thank for. Here’s to us! Click here for the full compilation of stories

Shakuntala Majumdar, FIAPO Governor

India for Animals 2012: You can win Rs 30,000 at the FIAPO India for Animals Conference JUST for having a good idea. Can that be true? Yes! Four pre-selected people will be given 10 minutes to present ideas to a panel of four judges with a participating audience -to win a cash prize of Rs 30,000. Don't miss this chance to get rewarded for what you do best – generating brilliant ideas, or even just decent ideas that you've had the follow – through to put to work. Don't hold back – now is a good time to be imaginative and add dreams to your doings. You can use your 10 minutes to freely scheme about what you would do with the Rs 30,000, or how you could help animals if you had a million rupees. The sky's the limit. Email to apply. See
FIAPO launches "We Care Srinagar": In collaboration with Kashmir Images, FIAPO has launched a media initiative to bring about co existence between the citizens of Srinagar and its animals. Kashmir Images, an English language leading daily of Srinagar, will carry a column to bring about co existence between people and animals and an effective solution to Srinagar’s street dog issue.

Holy Cow…
Khushboo Writes: I am writing this from Hyderabad, amidst all the action to oppose plans of the IFFCO mega dairy. Garnering local support here, it is inspiring to see people with diverse backgrounds – farmers, youth, animal activists, lawyers, media persons – unifying for one cause.

The National Dairy Plan is propagating the idea of strengthening the rural poor through dairying and milk production within the cooperative framework. At the same time we find many corporate entities – from electronics to software companies – trying to get into the lucrative dairy sector! So where do our decision makers stand? Is India’s dairy sector and its animals (including the holy cow and the not so holy buffalo) set to go down the poultry route?

We have put together a case study with examples of failed mega-dairies from all over the world. You can read all about it here

Collaboration: JFAPO did another waterbowl installation – with another sterling effort on behalf of the organisers to ensure community participation. Besides helping, residents made kind donations to be used for future installations. Thank you, you know who you are! Photos here
On Monday, JFAPO had an important meeting, brainstorming, strategising and planning – the local federation is growing. There are now processes in place for providing mutual support, a response team, and top three local issues identified that can only be addressed by collaborative efforts.

Ending Experimentation…
Alokparna writes: We, as the animal protection community, have always supported the reduction and replacement of animals in experiments. But have we ever wondered what encourages or inhibits researchers from using such alternatives?
Gathering opinions of researchers in academia and industry through an online survey – a paper – written by scientists, investigates their attitudes towards animal based experimentation. Interestingly, public opinion was one of the top five answers to use alternatives to animals in experiments. That’s the power of the people. Remember that the next time you sign a petition!
Ever wondered what Indian scientists felt for the sentiments of the common Indian man? Time for a survey in India, we think! Full paper here

StrayAssist – an organisation working in Goa for dogs and other animals has recently started using the power of radio to spread the message. What a fantastic way for greater outreach! Here's more in their own words. Do you have a story to share? Send it in!
Living free…

In our last issue, we reported on a committee set up in Goa for clamping down on illegal slaughterhouses This week, we came across flying squads of Maharashtra (not active though) with a similar remit  and a commission in Punjab that will also check cruelties on cows.
Time will tell, if these Govt initiatives will bring relief to the cows. Meanwhile, the easiest way for you to end their suffering is to live free…of animal products. More here

We run a Knowledge Exchange programme to enable organisations and activists get quick help and support. If you need to write a press release, or speak to someone about rescuing a dog, or get support for submitting your accounts, our Knowledge Exchange programme is your one stop shop. Its as easy as picking up your phone and giving us a bell or dropping us a quick email. For more info, see

In focus: People for Animals, Morena

This issue, in focus are our newest members and the first from Madhya Pradesh! PFA Morena was set up in March, 2000 and the organization now has more than 2000 members. They run an animal ambulance with a mobile clinic to provide treatment on the spot. They have treated over 300 animals, including a bear! One of their biggest campaigns is to save the peafowls. You can read more about their work here
We will be back with more news for you in another fortnight. In the meanwhile, please continue to help animals in your own way; remember – no action is too small.

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