Animal Matters, No 8: 6th July, 2012

Fifty years of the AWBI: In 1960, without any fanfare, the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals Act became law in most parts of India.

Except to a small minority of us in the animal welfare movement, it meant nothing. Two years later, the Animal Welfare Board came into being with Rukmini Devi, the sponsor of the original bill, as its Chairperson.

I have been associated with the Board from the beginning, helping originally with the publication of the Animal Citizen. It was only from 1977 that I got involved more substantially.

The AWBI, though one of the oldest statutory bodies in India, is a facilitator. With no enforcement powers, we can only request the enforcement bodies to do their work. In the last few years, the Board has done an amazing amount of work to stop animal cruelty. Many things that the 22-member Board would love to do is not possible the way we are mandated by the PCA Act. A recent initiative is that in Srinagar, where with the help of FIAPO, a start has been made to offer the proven ABC-AR method instead of resorting to the ineffective, barbaric mass slaughter of street dogs. Here’s more info on FIAPO’s media initiative in Srinagar

All of us are hoping that the new Animal Welfare Bill will soon be passed by Parliament and that the animals of India will get the respect and treatment they are entitled to under the Constitution – “It shall be the fundamental duty of every citizen…to have compassion for all living creatures”.

S. Chinny Krishna, FIAPO Chairman

India for Animals 2012: You can nominate someone you admire for one of the FIAPO achievement award, or you can nominate your own wonderful SELF. We are not going to announce from whom the nomination came, so don't be shy about this. Less than 10 days left, so don't wait for others to nominate you, nominate yourself!
FIAPO will present awards to individuals and organisations that have made exemplary contributions to the animal protection movement in India, in 2011-2012. Nominations (including self-nominations) accepted in 7 different categories are now invited. Please download the nomination form here and send it with all details to Nominations will close on 15th July, 2012.

Collaboration: Jaipur is proving that "two heads are better than one", times ten.

Ten organisations have rallied together to tackle animal problems in Jaipur. Multiply that by scads of imaginative new ideas about improvements, changes of strategy, issues previously over-looked, ways to involve new communities – and you have a whopping good example of what collaboration is supposed to be about.

Four months ago the Jaipur Federation of Animal Protection Organisations (JFAPO), facilitated by FIAPO, began a series of actions which none of the groups may have had the capacity to do alone. This week, we organised a press conference and here's the press coverage in Bhaskar, Patrika, DNA, Hindustan Times, and Times of India.

Knowledge Exchange: With Animal Advisory, we organised a full-day session on ‘Managing young animal protection organisations’, for 10 organisations in Jaipur. Not only did it help organisation learn some tricks of the trade, but was also an opportunity to go back to basics of animal protection – an exercise, useful for all. Two FIAPO members were also given half-day in-depth one-to-one consultancy – their operations were reviewed and recommendations made. Some feedback already – “It was an amazing day. Learnt so much – that too with the best souls! Lot of learning and I feel the Federation is an amazing platform for animal welfare. We would focus on our goals rather than organizational competition. I thank JFAPO.” See photos here

We Care Srinagar: Two more articles have been published in Kashmir Images, to bring about co existence between people and animals and an effective solution to Srinagar’s street dog issue. Lisa Warden and Laxman Singh Rathore, both lend a voice. See

Ending Experimentation…

Alokparna writes:  This week, we are getting ready to send another set of comments invited by the Central Insecticide Bureau and Registration Committee (CIB-RC) for the new tests they are prescribing for safety tests on animals for pesticides. The CIB-RC is coming up with a new set of safety testing guidelines for Pesticides to be known as the Kanungo Committee Report (KCR). This KCR is set to replace a 40 year old Gaitonde Committee Report. Our first two comments and a few more details of the process are available here:

Blissful Bites…

Taj Vivanta will continue spreading Bliss through their Bites! After regular follow up by Alokparna with Graze Restaurant at the Taj, Bangalore, the good news just floated in that the vegan events will continuing there. A full fledged vegan demo is on the way on the 14th July at Graze. The publicity and co-ordination will be handled by none other than our multi-talented experimentation co-ordinator, Alok. She is determined to spread "Blissful Bites" throughout her hometown Hyderabad too!

Holy Cow…

Khushboo Writes: As you know, the fertilizer company IFFCO plans to construct a mega dairy with 40,000 cows in Andhra Pradesh. Animal husbandry practices in mega-dairies – including modified feed, continuous confinement and day old weaning – put an additional burden on animals. Mega dairies simply cannot be run without compromising the wellbeing of animals. Additionally, mega dairies have an adverse effect on the environment due to their sheer size, and the livelihood of the local farmers. The high throughput of animals would also mean an increased population of stray animals – increased suffering, ultimately ending in slaughter.
Join us and act now!! Oppose this mega-dairy. Petition here

FIAPO writes to Congress and Punjab Assembly over MLA’s comments:  Shocked by a Punjab MLA’s comments of sending stray dogs to China and North East India for “whatever they do to them”, FIAPO wrote a strong letter to the Congress President, Ms Sonia Gandhi and the Punjab assembly speaker. We have demanded action against the MLA and precaution against such irresponsible statements in the future. See letter here and the media coverage here:

FIAPO honours Mumbai fire brigade: Last week, we awarded a certificate of appreciation to the Dahisar Fire Brigade for selflessly, indiscriminatingly and promptly responding to a call by a concerned citizen to rescue a pigeon. You can read the letter of appreciation here and the media coverage here:
FIAPO campaigns for captive elephants: After the recent elephant accident in Noida – where one elephant died and another sustained injuries – we had enough. We have petitioned the MoEF and are now trying to build public pressure to get relief for captive elephants in Delhi. We need your support! Its time the authorities act in favour of these elephants. It’s now or never! Please drop in a line to the minister- Ms.Jayanthi Natarajan demanding rehabilitation of privately owned captive elephants in rescue centres along with cancellation of all existing ownership certificates. Email: Find the details of our representation here and media release here

IFA fringe events: After you are dipped in inspirational pools for two days you are going to be extremely keen to keep moving forward as an animal activist. But how? To help you get the maximum help you need to be the most effective champion for animals, we are offering an exciting additional workshop post-conference. On the 19th Nov, there's Peas vs Pills, by Nandita Shah , and on the 20th and 21st, a workshop on Art of Dynamic Presentation for Animal Advocates by Nandini Gulati.
In focus:  Samabhava

Samabhava is a Bangalore based animal welfare organisation whose mission is to help the working animals of the city. Since its inception in 2010, they have covered the working equines of the city, and when funds and manpower permit,  they want to initiate campaigns for the working bullocks of the city. More here
We will be back with more news for you in another fortnight. In the meanwhile, please continue to help animals in your own way; remember – no action is too small.

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