Animal Matters, No 9: 20th July, 2012

I'm opening this newsletter with a thought that is the predominant thought in my mind of late: that in the context of our animal friends, NOW is the time for most watchfulness, and greater activism than ever before.

Maybe it is only that with wider dissemination of news, and the worldwide web and all that, we know much more now, than we did previously. Or perhaps it is that the bizarre news that abounds, of even greater exploitation of animals for gain, and of quick fix “solutions” to the alleged nuisance that animals are for many, is indicative of an even greater sag of the soul.

Whatever it is, greater vigilance is the call of the hour.

Let me take an example drawn from something as commonplace for us, as animal birth control for dogs, which is supposed to be deliverance for the dogs, and for people. And then suddenly, there is a spate of news such as this – Stray dogs die after sterilization (5 Jul)  or Stray dogs starved to death (9 Jun)

Clearly, this, and similar news about increasing exploitation, and ‘novel solutions’, and the sheer suffering that non-humans have often to endure in order to fit into the ‘human scheme of things’, is a call for heightened vigilance. For greater knowledge about processes, greater involvement with solutions, greater familiarity with the Rules, and with what is allowed, and what is not allowed. I’m opening this newsletter with a suggestion: that as animal advocates, we will never be able to afford the luxury of being complacent.

Anjali Sharma, FIAPO Governor

India for Animals 2012: Did you notice we extended the date for nominations for awards? The new deadline is the end of July. Remember, whoever you think has made a difference to the life of animals deserves to be on the nominated list, including you!
We have fewer nominations for the category Humane Law Enforcer Award (think Police Officer). Has there been any police officer who took seriously your FIR? Did he or she offer special support?
Mail us at to nominate now for this and other categories! See this link for details, and nomination form
And here's what the press says about it

Holy Cow…

Khushboo Writes: As a part of our campaign to oppose India's first mega dairy proposed by IFFCO in Nellore, Andhra Pradesh, we have started a signature campaign to record opposition by masses. Register your support to by clicking on the sign petition link at on the homepage.

IFFCO mega dairy has become a talk of the town now. Many socially inclined journalists have written about mega dairy project giving interesting perspectives. See

Mega dairies are against welfare of animals & trigger an unending chain of lifetime misery for cows & their calves. Show that you care for cows! Join this campaign. Share this petition with friends, family and colleagues on emails and social networks. If you are a journalist, help people to make informed choices. A teacher can communicate it to their students, lawyers can help with providing inputs to us, people working in corporates please circulate the petition on your office mailing lists. For more information drop an email to

Knowledge Exchange: Over the last couple of weeks, we've helped individuals and activists from Maharashtra, Uttar Pradesh, Kerala and Rajasthan – with legal advice for responding to cruelty cases, to help with training for vets. Our Knowledge Exchange service provides indepth information and practical support. It is useful to sometimes speak to someone about the issues you are facing – we aim for quick resolution and will link you up with experts based on your needs. For more info, email

Ending Experimentation…
Alokparna writes:  Good news from the campaign against Animal Experimentation. FIAPO has been invited to be part of the committee that will draft legislation for bulk testing of chemicals. India had recently drafted a National Chemical Policy, which will initiate the safety assessment of 5000 chemicals through an Indian Chemical inventory. This was based on Europe’s REACH (Registration, Evaluation and Authorisation of Chemicals), which states that all EU producers of chemicals need to assess their products for safety and inform their customers in the supply chain.
FIAPO is excited to be a part of this and is hoping to make the best of this situation to make the science in India and the lives of animals much better.

Fruits of Collaboration:  When Frida Stavenow noticed a horse in urgent need of medical attention in Jodhpur – forced to lift heavy load of men and material, it wasn’t clear how to identify or reach this horse with just an email description, and no animal protection organisations locally.
But through our network, emerged Nirmal Gehlot, who helped with immediate medical assistance, and counselled the owner on humane animal treatment. Local people, local action, animals helped through a national platform. Such are the fruits of collaboration.

Join FIAPO’s network. Drop your details on 

The government of Andhra Pradesh and Puducherry have committed to following international guidelines relating to the euthanasia of affected animal populations during disease outbreaks. FIAPO along with Humane Society International congratulates them.
The commitment was made in response to directions issued in March by the Animal Welfare Board of India that internationally approved procedures must be followed in order to minimize the animals’ distress. The World Organization for Animal Health (OIE), of which India is member, is the intergovernmental authority responsible for improving animal health worldwide. Bringing together expertise from veterinary practitioners around the world, the OIE has developed standards and procedures for the culling of animals during disease outbreaks.

We Care Srinagar: Steve Goward and Shreyasi Majumdar, lend their voices to the dogs of Srinagar. Two latest articles for our media initiative We care Srinagar, in partnership with Kashmir Images, are available here and

No horse drawn carriages for Delhi: While Mumbai is struggling to make Victorias history, in Delhi, FIAPO and PETA have joined hands to deal with proposals of horse drawn carriages by the municipal corporation. Arguing on the basis of existing government order issued in 2009 – where the Municipal Corporation of Delhi (MCD) for reasons of public safety and animal welfare, decided to phase out tongas pulled by horses in the city, and in August 2011, decided not to allow horse carriages for tourism purposes – we convinced the newly formed South Delhi Municipal corporation commissioner Mr. Manish Gupta to discard proposals to ply horse carriages in Delhi. Drop an email to if you come across any such activities proposed by municipal corporations in your city.

Blissful Bites…

FIAPO and Graze, Taj Vivanta at Bengaluru commenced its Vegan demo along with a sit down lunch last Saturday (14th July). A 4-course meal cooked in front of the customers by the Chef excited the vegan enthusiasts. The review of the food ranged from amazing to brilliant! Remember that this event in going to take place at Graze every month (on the second Saturdays). So do remember to spread the word, especially to your non vegetarian and vegetarian friends. Anybody interested in joining our future events may mail so she can keep you updated.
Here are some photos of the amazing food!

In focus: Stray Relief and Animal Welfare (STRAW)

This week, in focus is a Delhi based member organisation, which is a national leader in Humane Education. STRAW – employ some of the most progressive techniques towards their aim of "Animal Welfare Through Education". During 2011 – 12, STRAW was chosen to be a member of the panel that creates contents for books on life skills brought out by the CBSE. As part of this panel, STRAW contributed eighteen chapters on Empathy towards People & Animals and Respect for the Environment for classes VI, VII and VIII. Since more than 10,000 schools in both India and abroad are affiliated to the CBSE, these chapters would be studied by thousands of students, hopefully sensitizing them about the need for compassion towards animals.
More about them here

We will be back with more news for you in another fortnight. In the meanwhile, please continue to help animals in your own way; remember – no action is too small.

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