Fortnightly Commentary No 55: 11th April 2014 circ. 2000 people

Dear Members and Friends,

10,454 whales were killed by Japanese whale hunters during the last 25 years or so. The International Court of Justice—the United Nations court, with 15 judges each from a different nation—ruled last week to ban Japanese whale killing by recognizing that the permission Japan had been previously granted, using a “scientific research” claim to justify the hunting, the poaching, the lost lives, the separated families of whales, the whales who escaped only to die slowly of injuries occurred in the botched summer hunting sprees—was bogus. Japan has agreed to abide.

Let’s listen now. Can you hear it? The magical symphony of wheeling sighs, submerged sneeze-like exclamations turned into the amazing melodies of whales communicating with other whales, with voices audible sometimes 100 miles away? These are songs of joy. Thank you Australia from The Federation of Indian Animal Protection Organisations, thank you justices, thank you activists who love and defend the innocent.


India for Animals – India's largest conference for animal protection – will be held in Jaipur, September 12-14, 2014. Mark your Calendars! And the coolest job of the summer: IFA Conference Coordinator. You’ll really get to be in the driver’s seat with this one. This September in beautiful Jaipur, is your chance to put your best variety of skills forward and make the conference everything spectacular it can be.


Fruits of Collaboration…

Prashanth writes: The Jaipur and Kerala federations have seen much action in the last two weeks. KFAPO hosted a workshop on ‘ensuring effective adoptions’ of rescued animals in Trivandrum. The workshop was facilitated by Chairperson of Blue Cross Hyderabad, Mrs. Amala Akkineni, and was attended by activists and media from all over the state. Mrs. Amala also shot for a video promoting adoption of Indian dogs and helped PFA Trivandrum with its adoption programme. JFAPO on the other hand resolved to hire a paid coordinator for the city, and to restart the collective direct action events from this summer. Energy is high in the newly formed whatsapp group for the city’s activists, and there are also some new faces coming up. The Pune federation has written to the PCCF Maharashtra Wildlife recommending confiscation of abused animals from the moonlight circus, and the PFAPO coordinator will be meeting the official personally this week to urge him to do the same. 


Living Free…

Richa writes: The Day of Living Free is just around the corner! The time to celebrate the new beginning for animals all over India, starts very soon! All the hard work of the volunteer teams in Chennai, Pune, Jaipur, Bangalore and Trivandrum will bear fruit on the 12th of April. Please join us in making this event a phenomenal success! More here


Meat production doubles in Gujarat

Veg outreach is urgently needed–in Gujarat! Take a look at Gujarat’s phenomenal and very current record of animal deaths to get a picture of just one state’s galloping trajectory of animal abuse. This quick round-up of meat and dairy facts from The Poultry Site is chilling. If you haven’t started veg outreach, BEGIN NOW! For every animal not yet consumed, it’s NOT too late.


Vegan Messaging Heard by Businesses? Even the conservative Business Standard admits that the rise in meat and dairy consumption will spell disaster for earth and all her inhabitants. If we activists don’t turn it around, “livestock” (cows, bulls, pigs, goats, chickens and any other animals bred for butchering) may double by 2070, and that means methane emissions will literally go through the roof.


Holy Cow…

Shweta writes: Our efforts to sensitize the public to the horrors of industralized livestock farms continues, with protest actions taken against corporate giants, Cargill & Venky's , global promoters of animal products. FIAPO also ensures that regular interactions highlighting the detrimental impact of factory farming on animal welfare, is maintained with national publications across the country.


Wild Matters…

Puja writes: The battle to save the neglected and abused animals of Moonlight Circus rages on, with letters being sent to all the relevant Government agencies, coordinating with the wonderful volunteers of the Samarpan Foundation, who have been tirelessly visiting the circus providing food, medical care and the necessary information fuelling our advocacy actions. The energetic PFAPO members are also supporting the effort, by meeting the Maharashtra PCCF in person, and adding their voice to the protest.  We urge you once again to help us to keep up the pressure on the Maharashtra PCCF  Mr. Sarjan Bhagat, on whom all eyes now rest, do sign the petition to help save these innocent animals.


Will India ban dog testing?

Applause for CPCSEA and all the organisations putting pressure on the Drug Controller General to stop testing on dogs. They might be successful. Indian and international animal protectors have joined forces to push for an end to this sad era for dogs. We hope it will extend to a ban on all animal tests for all time.


Pet-Sitters Provide Practical Help

Good-deed doing entrepreneurs have connected up 1800 people willing to babysit pets while their guardians fulfil out-of-town obligations. A fantastic alternative to boarding kennels which may harbour disease and certainly put incredible stress on their inhabitants, pet-sitting helps dogs and cats cope with the upsetting—even though temporary—loss of their guardians.


Infocus: PAWS, Thane

Their buzz-phrase is 'hands that help are holier than lips that pray'. Read on to find out how they live up to it-


In the Bible’s old testament is a Book of Proverbs 6:16-19, which claim that God specifically hates: A proud look; a lying tongue; hands that shed innocent blood, a heart that devises wicked plots, feet that are swift to run into mischief, a deceitful witness that uttereth lies, and him that soweth discord among brethren.  God must have had a ping pong table. Because when we got ours last month, all of these vicious vices were made manifest.

“A proud look” overtakes each member of my family at the thought of a match. Everyone owns a particular strut and a set of the gonna-win jaw that is exactly what God definitely had in mind when he conveyed his hatred of “a proud look. “A lying tongue” wags principally at the slim white line demarcating whether or not your pingpong ball went inside the bounds or whether your sister’s serve went outside it. God must have been mightily tuckered out by all that arguing. “A heart that devises wicked plots.” Every stroke is a wicked plot. “Feet that are swift to run into mischief.” See my opponent. “A deceitful witness that uttereth lies.” This involves the family and friends who are siding with your opponent. They speak with conviction when they uttereth. “Him that soweth discord among brethren.”  That would be my husband, faced during the past month with his children one by one, over and over, prancing up to the pingpong table to engage in battle.

If any one of us thinks we have evolved to ultimate shanti, to absolute kindness, I recommend you get a ping pong table and take a good long look in the mirror. We are –at BEST—very naughty.

Help animals in your own way; remember – no action is too small.

Federation of Indian Animal Protection Organisations;

Best wishes,

Erika Abrams

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