Fortnightly Commentary No 61: 11th July 2014 circ. 2000 people


Federation of Indian Animal Protection Organisations

Fortnightly Commentary No 61: 11th July 2014 circ. 2000 people


Dear Friends and Members, 

For protecting animals, we need funds – and asking for donations is something that is an important part of being an animal advocate. But sometimes, I am left asking for more. Here’s an open letter to all prospective donors, from all animal advocates.

Dear Prospective Donor, thank you for letting me come to talk with you for 15 minutes today in an effort to raise money for abused and violated animals. I rehearsed for several hours so that I could speak clearly about their needs. I traveled for 6 hours by train to come to your city; I slept badly in a hotel and woke up early so that I could be ready for our meeting. I took a harrowing auto rickshaw to your office, arrived on time and waited for 25 minutes. Finally, sitting across your desk your attention wandered repeatedly to the staff who popped into your office with bills and questions. You were on the phone for eight of our 20 minutes discussion. Each time I began to speak, it seemed your phone rang and you embarrassed me whenever you answered it.

Thank you for sending me off on the promise that you would “think” about donating for abused animals, and for inviting me to contact you in some days to hear your decision. You neither listened to me clearly nor yet gave money to help the animals but I thank you just the same. Having spoken to you I remembered again that I am rich and you are poor; that blessed are those who are awake to the struggles of others; miserable and brittle are those who do not bend to help the meek and vulnerable.


India for Animals, 2014 

How many times do we get a chance to shine for the years of hard work we have put in to make a better world for animals and humans alike? Not many. Nominations are now open for the India For Animals Awards where some outstanding individuals and/or organisations who have made exemplary contributions to the animal protection movement in India during the years 2013 and 2014, will be felicitated. All of us are working hard for the cause but a little appreciation never hurts.

If you haven’t registered for IFA yet then click here to register.

Fruits of Collaboration

Saving the sinking ship of the desert!

The local federation in Jaipur geared up to save the sinking ship of the desert, the Camels of Rajasthan, with the launch of a vigilance campaign launched on July 4th with a demonstration near the CM’s office in Jaipur. The campaign was aimed to not only thank the Rajasthan Chief Minister, Shrimati Vasundhara Raje for declaring Camel as the State Animal but also an appeal to ensure that the proposed bill to stop the illegal trafficking and slaughter of camels is legislated very soon.

To join our campaign, you just have to send your name and address to and show your support through a letter to CM Vasundhara Raje urging her to ban Camel slaughter in Rajasthan. To read the letter, click here.

Collaboration to promote adoption of homeless animals across Kerala

The Kerala Federation of Animal Protection Organisations (K-FAPO) has secured sponsorship for its eight member organisations from the pet food company Drools for adoption of homeless animals across the state and to help improve infrastructure for animal care and rehabilitation. The collaboration will formally be launched on 13th July, 2014 in Trivandrum.

Compendium of Movement Building interventions of FIAPO

One of FIAPO’s main objectives is to help build the animal protection movement in India. We believe that unless we invest in the people and the organisations that help animals, animal exploitation would continue unchallenged. Over the last year, FIAPO has partnered with hundreds of activists and organisations across the country and connected them with each other. Read more about what and how we did it here.

India has banned the import of Foie Gras

Government of India has banned the import of Foie Gras following Animal Equality’s appeal and campaign for two years. FIAPO would like to congratulate the entire team of Animal Equality on this landmark victory and thank the government of India on this progressive decision.


Holy Cow

Insufficient rains this monsoon season have hit the supply of good fodder to animals, negatively impacting milk production. The bad news is that if the rains are delayed anymore, farmers may start selling their animals for slaughter. Paradoxically, come rain or shine, the government is persistent in their efforts to increase milk supply. The recentMOU between Central bank of India and Kwality dairy firm to provide finances to farmers to expand and establish dairy farms is implicit of their commitment.  Sadly, this can only mean bad news for cows.

Fishermen blamed for fish deaths

Fisher “folk” are throwing live but unwanted fish on the bank, leaving them to die. This is what fish hunters almost always do. Many fish die in the process of fishing for particular varieties of fish. They are considered surplus and are treated, like all hunted fish, with indifference to their suffering. FIAPO considers all efforts to view the death of fish not only as an environmental devastation but as an abuse of living creatures who deserve our protection.

Read more here

Exotic birds, endangered species find a safe haven in Delhi zoo

A writer from the Indian Express expressed delight over the new acquisitions and births-in-captivity at the Delhi zoo. Without a word about the conditions of their confinement or the mental anguish animals suffer in all zoos everywhere, the writer extols the entertainment for spectators. Supporting “trades” and captive breeding programs flies in the face of animals’ need for protected freedom in their natural environments. The writer calls it a “safe haven” for the animals. We call it hell.

Read more here

Living Free

Living Free took its message outdoor by putting up a billboard with a Go Veg message in Dehradun. This billboard was donated by Catalyst Advertising. This message is garnering a great response, so far it has been three times more impactful than all other outreach methods!
Our living free leaders and volunteers are working hard to take the message far and wide with over 22 events all over the country. Some of the events included, a movie screening and talk at the Maya Academy of Advanced Cinematics; workshop with Greenpeace volunteers and interns; vegan cooking demo at Paradigm Shift; and several leafleting sessions.

If you want to bring the Living Movement to your city then write to Help spread the word of compassion!

SDMC to build ABC Centre at Tehkhand

The South Delhi Municipal Corporation (SDMC) will set up a veterinary hospital at Tehkhand in south Delhi to regularise its sterilisation drive to control the population of stray dog in its area. Leader of the House Subhash Arya in a statement released by the SDMC said the Delhi Development Authority (DDA) has also allotted 2000 sqm land to the municipal body for construction of the hospital. 

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My family and friends wonder why I make such an effort with my appearance when we all know such things are shallow and frivolous. But I got it from my mom. My mother always felt it was important to look good. This didn’t mean dressing “up” or expensively or being fancy. She liked simple clothes without buttons or doodads. But they had to be “right” and they should make her look good, right up to the end. These are some of her “laws”:  Sparkles can be “aging.” Don’t wear orange; men don’t like it. Women shouldn’t wear their hair down after 40.  Shiny clothes always look cheap. Cover your knees; they’re the least attractive part of the legs. Wear a smile; you’ll look 10 years younger. In other categories, other truths: Never smack a child in the head. Men are aggressive. Never tell a secret.

And this: Pet animals in the direction of their fur. Don’t touch newborn kittens or puppies lest the mother would be worried. Animals like to hear you tell them they’re beautiful. That last one is worth pausing on. I think she was right. Watch how it makes your voice when you tell an animal he’s beautiful, really convincing him, really comforting him with the sound of your purrrrsuasive voice. It’s what I call real magic. Thanks, Mom.

Best wishes,
Erika Abrams

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