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Dear Members and Friends,
I live with a nevla. Well, he’s not FULL nevla—he’s an orange neutered tom cat who hates Mongey, our sweet little old seizure-addled rescue pom-Indi dog who is so deeply gentle-spirited that she doesn’t know how to tell Charlie to go take a hike. We watch our nevla-like Charlie ruminate, stalk and decide to attack. He waits for his little old prey to round a corner of the porch, and then, ears back, gives her a few determined bats, his claws sometimes out, sometimes in, until Mongey cries and scurries toward the kitchen. It is ill will, plain and simple. Charlie does not want Mongey to be happy. He wants her to feel anxiety and fear. Cats are wonderful for showing us the shadow of gratuitous, recreational cruelty in the animal kingdom and, if we’re honest, probably in ourselves too. All the more reason why we need social customs to civilize ourselves to keep you, for instance, from whirling around and thwacking me with your purse. FIAPO’s local federations, conferences, workshops and mentoring programs help us find each other and tame our inner nevlas, unleashing the puppy-dogs within.

Holy Cow

Despite the latest reports highlighting the increased consumption of antibiotics in animal produced food, consumption trends only seem to be pointing in the upward direction. Kwality Dairy recently released their first quarter figures which reported a 27% increase in net sales at $ 216.70 million. During the same period last year, the company recorded net sales of $170.77 million. Apart from old chains such as Kwality, new brands and players are also coming to capture the market by storm. The progressive dairy farmers association (PDFA) joined hands with US based Progressive Dairy solutions to launch La Pure in Punjab.

Considering these developments, FIAPO’s sustained efforts to regulate the dairy industry seem well timed in trying to nip the issue in the bud.

Fruits of collaboration

Jaipur seems to be the city most in the news these days with the camel protection campaign and supporting all the IFA activity. The federation has a host of actions lined up this week, including camel poster signature by the Hon’ble Chief Minister; citywide postering event; a signature campaign; and a radio campaign to raise awareness on camel protection.

In the other part of the country, Kerala federation approached Drools, a pet-food company and convinced them to sponsor adoption programmes in the state. Specific partnerships with member organisations were worked out. KARMMA, a member from Kochi came up with an ABC proposal for the city. Drools was approached by K-FAPO to fund the programme, to which they have agreed by giving fity thousand ruppees for the first phase.

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India For Animals, 2014
FIAPO team is leaving no stone unturned to make the national conference more inclusive, exciting and truly a space to share, learn and inspire to build a strong animal protection movement. Adding another feather to its cap, the conference now boasts of an exclusive training session on to become an Honorary Animal Welfare Officer. Read more.
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Surat Residents Defending Dogs Against Sloppy SMC
The Times of India reported that a group of caring Surat residents marched to the police station to stop cruelty to dogs they say have been injured in the ABC program run by the Surat Municipal Corporation. SMC plans to sterilize 10000 female dogs in 2014. Read more

Wildlife body voices concern over leopard poaching in India

More than 1000 leopards have been caught over the past 10 years but according to CITES (Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species of Wild Fauna and Flora) India has made progress in curbing poaching. Special emphasis was placed on protecting big cats in Gujarat’s Gir forests and snow leopards in the Himalayas. Read more

Mumbai Corporator Recommends Unlawful Dog Killing, Activists Object

In Navi Mumbai animal rights activists discovered Mumbai corporator calling for electric shock to eliminate “stray dogs” and the activists are in an uproar on social media sites, according to the times of India. Read more.

68 % of milk produced in India falls below health standards

In Ludhiana, a new product is set to be launched to guarantee milk free from toxins. Read more.

Gurgaon woman attacked by humans for walking a dog.

A traumatic incident suggests a conflict between violent and non-violent people, rather than a conflict between humans and animals. Read more.

Monkey Terrified at Airport, Gets Relief

In Hyderabad zoo, officials darted a frightened monkey who’d gotten into the airport and could not apparently find his way out. A comedic Times of India writer has understandable fun with the story, but in all likelihood the poor fellow was petrified and nearly hysterical. Read more.

Wonderful Wildlife SOS Ele Family Grows

The Mathura centre is now home for a 50 year old elephant forced to beg during his long life in captivity. . Read more.

Delhi Plans To Teach Street Dogs to Work with Police

700 dogs are to be selected from Delhi’s streets for intensive care and training by “handlers” to work with crew from the city’s new “May I Help You?” security force to help achieve public safety. Sounds nice from a dog-respect point of view but we hope the “handlers” receive training from real dog experts. Read more.

Kozhikode in Kerala to Launch ABC

Not sure how the term “stray dog menace” has gained such popularity in press circles but this hackneyed and misleading phrase has been invoked once again by the TOI to describe a move by the Kozhikode civic body to run an ABC programme, training vets from FIAPO member organisation Worldwide Veterinary Service India and Dogs Trust. Read more.

Vivek Menon’s New Book on Indian Mammals is Out

A lively interview with this champion of Indian wildlife was recently conducted by The Hindu. Read more.

If you’ve ever wondered whether saving individual animals can impact the bigger picture, or if your veg outreach can change lives, read please read an exerpt from a letter I received just yesterday from an Indian living abroad, who visited our shelter last month:
“…Even though it was a tiring trip, I would do it again in a heartbeat. What we gained from the trip is unmeasurable… I have been thinking about writing to you for couple of days but I have been busy with my new aim. My new aim being – sharing the truth about dairy to people and pursuing them to be Vegan.

“I had left leather and milk almost 13 years ago, but I would still cheat here and there by indulging in some sweet Indian deserts, chocolates, pizza slices, ice creams and what not. I always thought that my consumption is so low that it shouldn’t matter. That changed the moment I hugged “Bruce” (a bull calf who lives in sanctuary at our shelter). I was looking at the pictures of Bruce on our way back home and thought came to my mind that, if Bruce wasn’t rescued by you, he would have already been slaughtered. I remembered the dairy video you showed us (this was the FIAPO video about cows) and I realized that he probably is a byproduct of milk industry. I started researching more on the subject. The more I read, the more I got ashamed of myself for cheating and using milk occasionally (even though I knew most of the truth).

“…This realization was the turning point of my Udaipur visit. I left India a completely Vegan person. Its been 3 weeks since I left India and my drive to be Vegan has only become stronger.
Neerav and Tania Nayyar

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Best Wishes,
Erika Abrams

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