Fortnightly Commentary No 77:February 27th, 2015, circ. 6000 people

Dear Members and Friends,


When I was in grade school one of the most offensive boys was Steven, who could not sit still and whose hyperactive behavior made him the butt of children’s jokes. Our mothers were friends and I concealed the fact from everyone that very occasionally I was taken to Steven’s house to “play” while our mothers had tea. Steven wasn’t nearly so irritating in his own stomping ground as he was in the public school, which seemed to treat children very nearly as we treat animals in a zoo – locking them up for hours on end while adults watched them. Steven needed freedom. Without it, he squirmed, he shouted, he bit his fingernails, he crossed his elbows. Once released from the confines of the classroom, I found, he was a very agreeable boy.
I think of the dogs locked in western dog pounds – waiting for adoption or death. They too are assessed by behaviorists trying to judge whether they will be suitable for domestic household living, or whether they need to be killed instead.
I thank God every day for India’s extraordinary legal recognition of dogs’ right to roam. We must cling to and protect this right with all our might, lest we become a society that kills those who cannot cope with chains and walls and must, in many countries, pay for this with their lives.

Fruits of Collaboration
Organisations of Pune are meeting next week to discuss the problems (and solutions) around ABC, dog feeding, and disposal of dead animals. Called by the organisations themselves, this meeting should provide a much-needed platform to help resolve some of the significant problems around ABC in the city. Meanwhile, in Kerala, grassroots organisations are joined by national and international organisations to end illegal slaughter and trafficking.and activists expressed support and solidarity to PAWS Thrissur, which has taken up the issue of cattle trafficking and abuse in the state. In Trivandrum, PFA Trivandrum, RAKSHA and Streetdog Watch also collaborated for the national event- ‘The Bigger Picture: Animals and Us’- in the city last week.

Send your write-ups, appear in the newspaper!

Thanks to Aashray, member of JFAPO, animal protection groups will now have the chance to get published in a local newspaper (Jaipur) twice every month! Thanks to the network of the local federation, all Jaipur animal protection organisations will benefit from this! Congratulations Jaipur!

Dog Tales

Animals on the overcrowded streets of Varanasi keep having a brush with life threatening situations almost on a daily basis. The staggering number of people with all manner of vehicles in the crunched streets of the city poses a fatal platform for such accidents. Our work in Varanasi kept us busy in attending to such road accidents and doing the necessary follow-ups, and some of these animals have even become local stars after surviving severe injuries! Success stories of road-side accidents are a great testimony to the growing sense of compassion and action for the animals of Varanasi.   We salute these road-side heroes who sprang into action to show their love and care for animals!

Living Free
‘The Bigger Picture: Animals and Us’ successfully played in 16 cities across India! People saw videos, pledged to go Veg and got leaflets and bookmarks. More than 4000 people were reached out and enlightened about the connection between animal cruelty, the environment and human health. A big round of applause goes out to all the living free leaders and volunteers who made this campaign a success and resolved to save the lives of countless animals!
Over the past two weeks, living free has impacted 4074 people by organising more than 20 events in 16 cities across India. If you wish to start Living Free in your city, write to us at:


Farm to Freedom

Meanwhile, working collaboratively on projects, Jaipur reached out to more than 500 students through ‘The Bigger Picture’ event and we are also on good terms with the food and safety department (FSSAI) of Jaipur, and will now work collaboratively to raise awareness about food safety and hygienic meat in the butcher community. In JMC we were able to thread in a new contact, who will now help us take direct action against illegal meat shops. In what can only be called the first of many such raids, Mr Harinder helped raid and cease about 30 kg of meat and even summoned a meat shop keeper! JFAPO is truly starting to live the motto of ‘Unity in strength’


More photos of ‘The Bigger Picture – Animals and Us’ , held across 16 cities in India.


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Archie – A Varanasi success story!


Beagles looking for a home in Baroda!


Support the ban on Jallikattu!

While often neglected in the Indian cultural paradigm, in a historic move, bulls were offered protection in 2012 from the abuse of sports like Jallikattu. This decision was further validated by the Supreme court in 2014. Sports like Jallikattu are witness to the most banal instincts of man- twisting tales, chopping ears, poking with sticks, hitting, jumping and goading on a frightened animal in the name of ‘sports’, ‘culture’ and ‘tradition’ is simply horrifying. And now, after pressure from the Jallikattu lobby, the government is considering to amend the laws that save bulls from such torture. Help us end this archaic tradition by writing to us at


In Focus : People for Animals, Morena
We did extensive work to save the peafowls in the villages surrounding Morena. From building awareness among the public to making sure the food and water needs of the birds, specially during the lean periods were met’, says Ashutosh Barua, convenor of PFA Morena.  In a journey of a decade and a half, this organisation has scaled new frontiers and now is a pioneer of outreach. Learn more about them here.