Fortnightly Commentary No 89: August 14th, 2015, 6000 people

Dear Friends and Members ,

The Government of Kerala is trying to kill dogs and justify it with undefined terms like "nuisance" and "dangerous." They have not implemented ABC and their suggestions for a violent "solution" to dog "menace" has prompted FIAPO to file an SLP with the Supreme Court. (SLP means that you take special permission to be heard in appeal against any High Court/tribunal verdict.) FIAPO is intent on ensuring that the no kill position is held up. Violence is condoned because too often violence is romanticized. It is glamourized in movies and in museums. Ever visited a museum? They always showcase the most grizzly weapons that the twisted mind of man can dream up. You’ve seen them in palace and fort museums; you’ve seen them in inner-city museums where military history is kept “alive.” What’s “alive” about massive iron clubs with cascading spikes? Daggers with silver hilts? Ornate pistols, harpoons, explosives. And not just the weapons, but view also the elaborate wall paintings and exhibitions - everywhere we can find the theme played out that the stronger want to control and exploit the weaker.  Politicians and governors in Kerala appear to want to pillage and take something very significant from  the natural beauty of Kerala--the life of dogs. FIAPO won't let them get away with murder.

Kerala Dog Culling: FIAPO Moves Supreme Court

In response to reports of large scale killing of dogs by various local governments in Kerala, FIAPO has moved the Supreme court challenging the position that the state government has taken. In response to calls for help from animal activists and organisations from Kerala, FIAPO has secured the services of an experienced senior counsel to represent the interests of animals. We are hopeful of an early hearing and relief for the beleaguered animals. Watch this space for further developments

Fruits of Collaboration

In Jaipur, after several complaints highlighting the dislocation of dogs, the Jaipur Federation held a meeting with the Municipal Corporation officials to solve this issue. The commissioner has in response agreed to take the necessary steps to prevent this from happening further. As one of the solutions, the activists extended their support to the corporation to raise awareness in the areas where maximum dog dislocation complaints were being made.
Dog Tales

Miracles do happen... and they don't necessarily need magicians but just ordinary people working in tandem. Last fortnight presented an ideal and a well coordinated example - a bunch of animal friendly people in Varanasi, saved the lives of three orphan pups who would have otherwise not survived beside their dead mother. A lady got in touch and informed about these pups and cared for them. One of the pups was suffering from a serious maggot wound and some activists went to treat it. A local later took the pups under his care meanwhile which, our activists found loving homes for those pups and got them adopted. Our federative work has yet again proved that coordination and networking is the way to go.

Living Free

Due to popular demand, the Early Bird Registration has been extended for the Living Free Bootcamp! The early bird discount has been extended for another 2 weeks, so apply now and make great savings if you haven’t already! There are a plethora of skills to be learned, experiences to be gained and activists to interact with. Don’t lose out on this opportunity. To know the detailed schedule and workshops of the Bootcamp, click here.

Farm to Freedom

The Jaipur Federation has been active with all regulatory authorities to regulate the illegal slaughter shops in the city. With several meetings held recently with the Municipal Corporation, the local Federation has also been working with the Food Safety officials to replicate the success of the campaign in more areas of Jaipur and the next target area is now final! The Pollution Control Board is continuing to be evasive, as activists meet officials to take action.

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Veg or Non-veg?

GELATIN is a translucent, colourless, tasteless solid substance that is produced by the hydrolysis of collagen (the main component of connective tissue, and the most common protein in mammals) extracted from the bones and tissue of animals such as cattle, pigs, goats, horses and poultry. It is widely used in the food, photography and cosmetics and in the manufacture of capsules.
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Infocus: Resquink Association for Wildlife Welfare (RAWW)

From the diminutive barbet to the mighty crocodile, this organisation is setting the benchmark for wildlife rescue in Mumbai. Read more about them here.

Cattle Transport Raids Are Truly Hurting Beef Traders’ Business!

In a bid to intensify its agitation against attacks on trucks transporting slaughter animals, the Kerala Cattle Merchants Association decided to keep all beef stalls in Kerala shut beginning Thursday.  The sector employs around 5 lakh traders. Already, beef has almost disappeared from Kerala’s menu following the agitation that seeks “protection for safe transport of cattle.” Due to the ongoing protest, slaughter houses across the state were facing a shortage of animals. The traders increased the price of beef from Rs 250 to Rs 300 per kg due to the scarcity. Hotels, too, were refusing to supply beef due to the shortage of meat supply. Truck loads of slaughter animals were brought to 44 cattle markets across Kerala every week before the protest began. The president of the cattle merchants association, K H Kamaludhin, said the merchants had lost 14 truck-loads of animals after being attacked, with each consignment being worth Rs 5.5 lakh.
In Kerala, the annual demand of red meat stands at 2.3 lakh metric tonnes (MT). Since cattle are not reared in Kerala to meet the huge demand for beef, the animals are ferried from other states, sometimes illegally.
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Illegal Slaughterhouse Raided, 48 Cattle Rescued

In the city of Nagpur on Wednesday, the police raided an illegal slaughter house and rescued 48 animals. The accused has been booked for violation of the Maharashtra Animal Preservation (Amendment) Act, which bans slaughter of bullocks and bulls. According to TOI, animal activists fear that this is just the tip of the iceberg and more such illegal slaughter houses are operating in the city. “Strong enforcement of the ban is needed as illegal slaughtering of cattle continues in the city,” said members of Sukrut Nirman Charitable Trust.
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India is now the world’s largest beef exporter

India was the world’s top beef exporter last year, according to the U.S. Department of Agriculture, widening its lead over other more established suppliers such as Brazil and Australia.
India’s buffalo meat, which the article suggests is “a chewier and cheaper alternative to beef”— mostly, ends up on plates in Asia and the Middle East, where rising wealth is spurring demand among diners for animal protein.
But India's role in the global meat trade sticks out in the largely Hindu country where vegetarianism is widespread.
The cow is revered in Hindu culture, the religion observed by roughly 80% of India’s 1.3 billion people, and restrictions on cattle slaughter apply in most states.  This is a good round-up of statistics by CNN on line.
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Delhi HC Wants Status Report on Dog Rules Implementation

A bench of justices in the Delhi High Court has directed civic bodies to furnish detailed reports on the number of sterilizations carried out on stray dogs, and how many have been returned to the locations from where they were picked up, reports TOI . The demand for information follows an attack of a child last week which prompted the court to suggest it should provide immediate compensation to the victim and family. HC’s directions came on a PIL filed by an NGO-- Nyaya Bhoomi-- seeking directions to Delhi government and municipal authorities to take action. The NGO’s plea argues that population of street dogs is directly related to the amount of food and edible waste in an area and the dog population is very low in those areas that are kept clean. It has also said that killing the stray dogs would not be a solution as dogs from other areas would migrate there.
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Isn’t it strange the way farmers are forever claiming to “love” their animals? Forgive me for saying the obvious, but –does it look like any love YOU’ve ever known to love someone and then send ‘em off to be hacked to death so you can make a few bucks? Farmers always go on and on about how “these ‘head of steer’ are like our children” or “the grandchildren have named the goats!” Haha!
I belonged to a 4-H club as a child. This was an American club which, I didn’t know at the time, had a big animal agriculture aspect of it where farmer kids would show off their young calves and horses in a carnival setting. It was actually training for animal trades. I didn’t realize that the 4-H games we learned—barrel racing our horses and other dexterity contests were all based on a horse’s ability to manoeuvre sharp corners in cattle ranching. Without question, the people who are exposed to animals even in animal trades must find themselves charmed by the infinite beauty of their charges, but they ought not to call it affection, because it is more appreciation, and appreciation for the silver they will fetch in the market on their way to the butcher.  But through the club, I got lots of time with horses, and those horses helped me to wonder “why a horse is friend when a pig is food?” Thank you horses for cracking open a door which let in light…


Erika Abrams