Conflict between people and animals is one of the main threats to the continued survival of many species in different parts of the world, which causes disruption in the harmony of both animals and humans. The worst affected by this conflict, are companion animals, which include but are not limited to dogs and cats. Misinformation about rabies, a general lack of proper resources and education about the subject and poorly managed Animal Birth Control (ABC) programmes, have acted as catalysts to bring about an irrational fear that often surfaces as violence against companion animals.

FIAPO, along with state government and local bodies, has started a nation-wide dog-bite and rabies prevention campaign called 'Rabies Free India', to address and mitigate escalating conflicts between humans and street dogs. Furthermore, FIAPO is also petitioning for favourable laws to stop the mindless killing of street dogs in India.

Learn more about the issue and FIAPO's proposal for urban conflict management.

#RabiesFreeIndia is a holistic national campaign that seeks to educate people to mitigate rabies and create a dog-bite free society through a multidimensional approach.

Legal Companion Action campaign seeks to fight against any inimical developments against street dogs by providing critical information to the court, ensuring their well-being and protection.