In addition to working with the government and consumers, FIAPO also engages with corporations and institutions to influence production and bringing down and ultimately ending the consumption of animal products in commercial consumption. Through effective campaigning, we cause industry-wide tectonic shifts by setting compassionate norms, and create a significant and lasting impact on the suffering of farm animals.

Menchie’s, the world’s largest self-serve frozen yogurt chain, would soon be offering vegan options in their outlets in New Delhi.
Fruktville has launched a range of vegan ice creams.
The South Mumbai outlet of Sweetish House Mafia has introduced soy milk variants of tea and coffee.
Bakeshop, a famous bakery in Dwarka, is delighted to help FIAPO in educating the food and beverage industry in exemplifying commercial egg-free baking.
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Cocoberry is launching a range of vegan yogurt in their Delhi-NCR stores.
Sweta Agarwaal, former Masterchef participant and now a renowned chef in Delhi, is educating the food and beverage industry in the country about the simplified procedures and elevated taste of egg-free baking and cooking.