Cows produce milk for to nourish their young but that is not where their milk goes. Cows are impregnated using artificial insemination every year so that the dairy industry can produce more milk for commercial use. As soon as the calf is born, it is sent away from the mother and the mother goes through days of agony because of this separation. Male calves are kept in the tiniest of crates possible and are prepared to get slaughtered for beef. Female calves, on the other hand, are exploited for milk exactly like their mothers.

The painful process of artificial insemination along with the use of harmful steroids results in the production of more milk.

To bring an end to all such callous practices, Corporate Outreach campaign at FIAPO is trying to reach out to popular tea and coffee cafes to know how they make their products and help them move towards using animal-friendly ingredients instead. The idea is to make a shift to using a more compassionate choice of ingredients and bring an end to the use of dairy.

When a giant corporate house changes its company policies, lives of thousands of farmed animals is saved!



The magic of finger licking taste along with the nutritional value of fruits as toppings will now be cruelty-free and vegan. FIAPO and Cocoberry are joining hands to launch a range of vegan yogurt in Delhi-NCR Cocoberry stores. The company is using soy milk to create flavors like blueberry, green apple, raspbesrry, black current and strawberry. These would be sold at the outlets from December first week. This association is a bench mark for all other food and beverage companies to produce consumables without the use of animal products.

FIAPO has collaborated with Fruktville and the brand is soon going to launch a range of vegan ice creams.


FIAPO is still awaiting a positive response from brands like Natural’s Ice Cream, Baskin Robbins and Coffee Café Day, to make life healthier for us and pain-free for our fellow inhabitants.


Vegan beverages at Sweetish House Mafia!

The South Mumbai outlet of this famous chain of cafe's has introduced soy milk variants of tea and coffee. So, all the Mumbai vegans can now hop into Sweetish House Mafia to try out some vegan beverages!


FIAPO has reached out to the popular ice-cream brand Baskin Robbins, with an ask of introducing a vegan range of ice-creams, however, a positive response is still awaited from the concerned authorities.

You can play your part in asking Baskin Robbins to launch its first vegan range of ice-creams. Show your compassion towards animals exploited by the dairy industry. Sign the petition above.

Come join hands to make a difference!


Dear Baskin Robbins,

Animals are entitled to the possession of their own lives and that their most basic interests such as the need to avoid suffering should be offered the same consideration as similar interests of human beings. Food and Beverage companies should move to more compassionate choice of ingredients in making their products. If all such companies across the country take a good look at their choices and shift to using cruelty-free ingredients instead, this planet would be a better place for animals to live. But it so happens that some of the authorities refuse to respond even after being repeatedly reminded.
The concerned authorities at your office are not addressing this request. Consider this a voice for many of our animals that are being slaughtered every passing second. Respond to this plea and end the use of animal products for making your ice creams.

Thank you.
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