In India, the consumption of milk has increased exponentially post the white revolution. Today, milk is a common household consumable and has slowly entered into every kitchen in the form of ghee, butter, paneer and cheese. This has caused a shift from backyard dairies to commercial factory farms, where animals are treated as mere commodities. The actual condition of bovines in these factory farms is invisible to the consumer since there is a major disconnect between the finished product and its source.

FIAPO believes that no animal should be used for consumption and the only real way to achieve that is to bring about a change in the perception of where milk comes from. For this, we launched India's first advertising campaign which aims at creating mass awareness about the ill treatment of animals in the dairy industry.

Our approach with the campaign is to be present where our audience lies. We use different advertising techniques like billboards, media articles, social media engagement, events and more.

Till date, the #DontGetMilked campaign has successfully put up 22 billboards, 1 wall mural, reached over 92 L individuals via social media and over 30 L individuals via print and hybrid media.

To create an environment of change, we have a vegan starter kit which explains what veganism is and how can one take simple steps towards a cruelty-free life (download here).

In our latest innovation to create a # Cruelty-Free society, we have introduced a #21DayCompassion Challenge which encourages consumers to go vegan for 21 days and see the difference. Take the challenge here!

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