FIAPO is going big this time! And we mean it literally. Our #DontGetMilked campaign is live with its outdoor hoardings project to spread awareness about the lies of the dairy industry. To improve public consciousness about the ill treatment of cattle in the dairy industry, we thought it would be better to take our campaign to the streets, and put out the message in huge, block letters- a billboard near Select Citywalk, one of the busiest locations in the capitol, with an estimated of 3 lakh eyeballs per day!

The muffled lies of the dairy industry have been under wraps for long. After successfully marketing themselves by portraying the image of happy cattle getting milked for us, it is high time that the truth be brought to the public’s eye.

We won’t stop here. We are not only expanding the number of billboards in the city, but also taking it pan India! In our next venture, we will take to art to represent the lives of innocent dairy animals.
It won’t be long before the ‘invisible’ suffering of millions of animals will be in the forefront and out in the open for everyone to see!
Stand up for the wrongs of the dairy industry to get the word out-loud and clear- Ditch dairy and go vegan!
Promise Compassion