#DontGetMilked: Reaching Where the Audience Lies!

The #DontGetMilked campaign was started with a lofty aim of mass awareness- we were keen that wherever consumers went – be it the streets, on the internet, or for events –the message of animal cruelty would not go unnoticed.  Today, we can delightfully say that we are moving towards our goal at a steady pace!

Digitally, we are creating awareness about the atrocities of the dairy industry through our social media platforms. If you haven't followed us yet on our socialmedia platforms, catch a glimpse here:

Other than social media, which is agreeably the fastest growing form of communication, we’re also working towards publishing credible and factual online and offline articles!

In order to take the campaign to the streets, we’ve put up hoardings in six different locations in Delhi! Ensuring that anyone travelling on the crowded Delhi roads, will be sure to see one of these.

With continuous studies of what works best, a lot of effort is being made to put our best foot forward in bringing a change towards how people think about thedairy industry.
Be it social media, news articles, a piece of art, a hoarding about mother and child or hearing it from people who have made the change- we’re continuously working to understand what works and what does not.
Aside from the traditional forms of marketing, we’re also experimenting with new and innovative methods. Very soon- we’ll be completing India’s largest wall mural on  the underlying cruetly in dairy - stay tuned!
Promise compassion towards sentient beings. Ditch Dairy. Go Vegan. #DontGetMilked.