Birds are made to go through pain, as their beaks are cut off. They suffer from dehydration and lack of food as it hurts them while they try to eat or drink. They are then kept in small cages which don’t even have the capacity to fit a single hen properly. More than 10 birds are kept in one such battery cage. The few years that the hens get to be alive are also spent in utmost cruel captivity. These animals hardly have space to urinate and defecate in a hygienic manner and so they end up doing it on each other. The light is set to the minimal as it increases the egg laying process and due to various infections and diseases, many of these birds literally rot to death.

Since the male birds are of no use to the egg industry, they are treated as waste and are ground in churners and die an unceremonious and undignified death.

With an aim to end the suffering of birds, FIAPO has reached out to the Indian food and beverage industry with an ask of terminating the use of egg in their products and also to expand the range of existing eggless offerings.



The Bake Shop

FIAPO has collaborated with The Bakeshop, a famous bakery at Dwarka, Delhi. Bakeshop is delighted to help FIAPO in educating the food and beverage industry in exemplifying commercial egg-free baking.


Sweta Agarwaal

Sweta Agarwaal, former Masterchef participant and now a renowned chef in Delhi, has collaborated with FIAPO to educate the food and beverage industry in the country about the simplified procedures and elevated taste of egg-free baking and cooking.