The growing commercialisation of milk production along with the absence of any form of regulation in this sector, have resulted in the booming of practices that have a severely detrimental impact on dairy animals.

Our work in ‘#EndExploitativeDairies’ aims to bring executive reforms in the dairy industry.

To start, FIAPO conducted a first-of-its-kind undercover investigation in  451 dairies across 10 of India’s largest milk-producing states. The investigation laid bare the complete absence of regulation in the dairy industry, which is an ongoing tragedy – for animals, consumers and the environment. 

Key findings of the report include :

  • 47% dairies were found to be using oxytocin, a hormone that induces painful labour-pains in cows, designed to increase milk output.
  • 56% dairy owners allow the use of sick animals for milking.
  • 79% dairies keep their animals tethered at all times.
  • In most dairies, male calves die or are soldwithin 3 monthsof being born.

Read the investigation report here.

We are currently working to bring in licensing rules, both at the centre – under the Registration of Cattle Premises Rules, and at the state – under the respective State Municipal Acts.

So far, we’ve compelled the Animal Husbandry departments of three states, namely Uttar Pradesh, Uttarakhand and Telangana,  to issue guidelines for dairy management to their respective district officers and dairy cooperatives. FIAPO is now asking the Urban Development departments of all other states to promulgate rules under their respective Municipal Acts - to bring in conditions for licensing dairies in urban areas.

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You too can help #EndExplotativeDairies in India by asking the MoEFCC to regulate the Indian dairy industry. Sign the petition.

Government of Uttar Pradesh has responded to FIAPO’s report calling for regulation of the Dairy Industry. Read the full report here.

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