A well connected, organised and improved movement is of utmost importance to overcome challenges and animal sufferings.  Different organisations all over the country have been working in the area of rescue, onsite treatment, care and rehabilitation of animals in conflict, domestic animals, urban wildlife and more.  However, isolation and disconnection often mar opportunities for animals in cities across India.

One of the most significant addition to the Movement Building Programme has been the creation of supporting local federations, in various cities. The objective is to improve and organise the existing framework of animal protection and thusform greater connectivity. Federation of Animal Protection Organisations or FAPO as they are called, are a group of animal protection organisations, functioning locally, under a common umbrella.

FIAPO helps FAPO’s grow by ordering support through:-

  1. Conflict resolution.
  2. Networking and the sharing of information.
  3. Regular training & workshops.
  4. A platform for members to initiate a new campaign or to get support for existing city-wide campaigns.
  5. Nodal point for participation in national FIAPO led campaigns.
  6. One on one mentoring support for all FAPO members as and when per request.
  7. Quick access to FIAPO membership, which also opens up eligibility to all the grants that FIAPO provides.
  8. Special discounted price at any FIAPO even, which includes national events like IFA, regional events like boot camps and also any of the workshops.

At present we have two active federations -

JFAPO (Jaipur Federation of Animal Protection Organisations)

GMFAPO (Greater Mumbai Federation of Animal Protection Organisations)

IFAPO (Indore Federation of Animal Protection Organisations) 

SFAPO (Surat Federation of Animal Protection Organisations)

Working collaboratively is one of the best things we can do for animals- if you wouldlike to start a local federation in your city- write to us at mail@fiapo.org.


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