India is on the verge of walking down the path to Farmageddon – a growing population with increasing disposable incomes and unsustainable models of growth particularly with respect to food production, mean that India faces the real and present danger of environmental degradation, animal abuse and unsustainable diversion of land.
Farm to Freedom is one of the chief projects of FIAPO to improve the condition of farmed animals in India and also encourage people to adopt a more compassionate vegan lifestyle. The project is focused on the need to regulate animal food industries that practice institutionalized cruelty.To this end, the project focuses on working with authorities at the production and retail level by the mean of duo campaigns ‘End Slaughter Cruelty’ and ‘Stop Intensive Dairies’.

Stop Slaughter Cruelty : The aim of this campaign is to enable grassroots activists to act on illegal chicken and meat shops and provide respite to animals living in deplorable conditions through working with various authorities ranging from the Municipal Corporation, the Police, the Pollution Control Board, as well as the Food Safety and Standards Authority. The campaign strategy is effective implementation of laws safeguarding animal rights and controls the unhygienic conditions causing risk of human health.

Save Cows and Cattle in Rajasthan:End Intensive dairies :  End Intensive Dairies is FIAPO’s campaign to bring legislative reform for the welfare of dairy cattle. The campaign involves, investigating and bringing to light the state of dairies in India, demanding urgent implementation of existing laws from the government, and adoption of a code of welfare practices (The Dairy Code) to meet minimum welfare for dairy animals in India.

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