The recent years have seen a steep surge in the consumption of animal products in India, leading to an exponential increment in the number of animals reared. This has resulted in the normalisation of exploitative factory farming practices, which are marked by isolation, suffering and incessant pain, for farmed animals.

Owing to the sheer magnanimity of the scale of factory farming in India and the lack of regulations to control the malpractices common to factory farming; the welfare and protection of rights of farmed animals is thus, of high priority to FIAPO. We have, for this purpose launched several nation-wide campaigns to educate and inspire people to adopt a cruelty-free lifestyle, mitigating the escalation in consumption of animal products across the country.

Learn more about the barbaric practice in factory farms and why there is an ever-pressing need to demand the right for all the animals and stopping their consumption.

#StopIllegalSlaughter provides immediate respite to farm animals by addressing the unethical slaughter practices prevalent across the country.

The #EndExploitativeDairies campaign brings legislative reforms in the Indian dairy industry for the welfare of dairy cattle.

Corporate Outreach engages with institutions to bring down, and ultimately end the commercial consumption of animal products.

#LivingFree, the largest vegan advocacy network in India strengthens local leaders and organisations  to create a positive behavioural change in people’s consumption patterns through  individual outreachs, seminars, workshops and tabling events.

#DontGetMilked creates mass awareness about the ill-treatment of animals in the dairy industry through the smart use of digital and conventional advertising.