FIAPO and AWA, Panchkula Join Hands against Harassment of Street Dogs

Animal Welfare Association was set up as a volunteer group of animal lovers who were actively involved in rescue and care of animals in need. The association aims at being connected with animal lovers locally and externally, so that they can have optimum coordination on every issue they face. They got registered in April 2018, but before that various members had been working as individual volunteers for the cause since 2014. Animal Welfare Organization has rescued countless sick, injured, and abandoned animals. They had numerous successful indie dog adoptions, held ARV drives, and many other events. Most importantly in the past three months, in the absence of a dog catching squad, to keep the ABC program up and running, they managed to get over 350-400 sterilizations done. Many of AWAs members are women, some of them are working, some housewives, and plenty of students.

When FIAPO contacted Animal Welfare Association, Ms. Meenakshi told us about the critical state of dogs in their area where they were not being fed properly. Letters were written to both the Municipal Corporation and the Commissioner of Police, Panchkula by FIAPO along with telephonic calls made to both the authorities. Now, workshops on ABC Programs, ARV drives, Education and counseling are all being orchestrated in the area by AWA, in conjunction with FIAPO. FIAPO has helped AWA acquire a lot of educational content, so that AWA can help its members and the people around to better understand how to make the community a better place for the dogs and themselves.

To read the letter sent to Commissioner, Municipal Corporation, click here