FIAPO helps a student from Delhi University to stand against animal cruelty

The FIAPO network is now growing with more and more people gradually becoming animal-friendly. The animal lovers and activists spread out across the country have played a huge role in helping animals in any way possible.

One such case happened in the national capital, New Delhi. Ram, a student from the University of Delhi is a zealous animal lover. He contacted the FIAPO team to help him in standing against one of the professors from his department who was not allowing peaceful coexistence of dogs and humans. The professor even issued several notices stating imposition of fines on students who fed the dogs in the area near the campus.

On getting to know about Ram’s situation, FIAPO stepped in and reached out to the respective professor. FIAPO politely made the professor understand, what he was doing in his individual capacity was certainly illegal. We further informed him about all the laws and regulations related to the concerned matter.

We are certain, a lot of us might come across a similar situation at some point or the other. FIAPO encourages and appeals everyone to stand against such instances and take action.

Kudos to everyone who in some capacity or other try to support the animals.

Read the letter written to Delhi University North Campus here.