FIAPO supports the tremendous work carried out by the trust and it’s fabulous members.

Tinku Memorial Trust is an organisation which started working for street dogs in September 2014. It majorly focuses on providing medical care, vaccinations, rehabilitation, feeding and sterilization to street dogs. Apart from providing all the essentials for dog care, TMT along with other community supporters, ensure dogs maintain a good quality of life. TMT also provides treatment for bone fractures, tumors, skin problems, and handicapped dogs.
They provide water, bath, food, blankets, sweaters and other necessities to ensure the dogs are comfortable, happy and well socialized. They provide regular medical care to street dogs in their dog houses located in Valsad District which houses up to 60 dogs. Recently, Tinku Memorial Trust was visited by the chairman of Animal Welfare Board of India Mr. SP Gupta, along with other members of the trust - Mr. Girish Shah, Mr. Mital Khetani and Mr. Ramesh Thakkar. On examining the entire place, they congratulated Ms. Sheetal and Mr. Nilesh on the prolific work they do for the animals.