#FIAPOBootcamp2018- East Zone at a Glance

All good things must come to an end – Geoffrey Chaucer.

Eventually, but the next experience awaits! FIAPO’s zonal Bootcamps have finally completed their tour across 4 zones across the country. The grand finale happened in Kolkata, and we could not have wished for a better ending to a journey which began in July 2017. 
Here Is What People Had To Say!
Things That Stood Out!
The serenity of Dhyan Ashram was one thing that all the participants loved. The venue was perfect for a community-building endeavour and it didn’t fail to deliver.
Sessions such as 'Preventing Burnouts – Activist Self-Care' by Varda Mehrotra, 'Fundraising' by Abodh Aras, 'Mobilisation of Government Authorities', by Prashanth V. and 'Resolving Conflicts' by Pradeep Prakash really stood out, with the participants gaining meaningful insights that would help create a stronger dialogue for animal rights in the country!
This is not the end, but a beginning for you to start creating a better network for a unified animal rights movement in the country! If you need help, contact us and we will organise a capacity building workshop in your city!