There are an estimated 12 million street dogs in India that get caught up in conflicts, in our urban jungles across the nation.

It is a well-documented fact, that the animal care facilities in our country are over-burdened and struggling. They are either under-staffed or caught within bureaucratic red-tape, while the number of street animals in distress continues to grow.

Looking for an alternative model that helps create stronger communities for animals and builds grassroots ability to help animals, FIAPO propagates an on-site first-aid programme, which is more cost-effective, requires lesser resources than a shelter and can provide timely aid to almost 70% of the cases that need assistance, without having to displace the animals from their homes.

The programme aims to build the capacity of grassroots activists to provide systematic animal care through regular rounds in their communities to address cases immediately, build community caretakers to ensure adequate follow up, and recruit volunteers who are constantly honing their skill in first aid for street animals.

The First-Aid Programme has so far built the capabilities of activists in Agra, Indore, Jammu and Varanasi, where FIAPO-led organisations are covering over 70% of the city through first aid. The model has enabled the volunteers to treat animals with wounds, skin ailments, maggot infections and small injuries, enabling them to also heal much faster and escape the infections of a shelter; saving time and considerable resources which can otherwise be utilised by shelters to tend to more critical cases.

With the tremendous success of the model backing us, we are now expanding the programme to include more cities across India. Through our on-site First Aid treatment, we aim to ensure that more and more individuals are empowered to provide quality care to animals and to ensure that a positive relationship is fostered between communities and their resident animals, ultimately leading to the alleviation of the overarching problem of human-animal conflict.

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