Freagles of India are rescuing beagles from labs in India – we decided to say Thank You!

In the outskirts of Bangalore lies a small villa, the resting home of Beagles rescued from laboratories in India. Freagles of India, a young organisation run by a passionate group of volunteers, has successfully rescued nearly 400 Beagles till date and has them methodically rehomed.

Animals used in laboratories suffer some of the most exploitative conditions, stacking them in cages with no stimuli or light, far away from familiar human or animal companionship. Rescuing and rehoming these animals then, requires special effort and care which Freagles of India goes out of their way to provide.

As a token of appreciation, FIAPO congratulates Chintana Gopinath, one of the trustees of Freagles of India – for the wonderful work they do!

Read the letter sent to Freagles of India here.