Fruktville Launches a Range of Vegan Desserts in India!

It gives me immense pleasure to share that Fruktville, a startup serving 100% natural homemade desserts, has expanded their vegan menu with its first outlet in Select City Walk, Saket! The café offered a few vegan popsicles earlier but the novel alliance between FIAPO and Fruktville Delight is now headed for a vegan bonanza in the city!

The new menu includes 6 popsicles, 4 gelatos, 2 waffles and numerous flavors of shakes. In sync with its philosophy of ‘GLOCAL’ which blends the local flavors with world class dessert making techniques, the brand has launched the biggest vegan dessert palate in India. The products that Fruktville offers are low on calories and do not have added preservatives.

So, all you vegans in city can now satisfy your dessert craving at Fruktville Delight!

Strong proponent of cruelty-free living and a vegan, the CEO of Fruktville Manoj Sharma and his team is helping FIAPO to extend the outreach to other food and beverage companies as well!

Ceremonializing the partnership, Manoj quotes, “I call it the B2C model wherein veganism needs to come out of the billboards and the boardrooms to the cafetarias. Fruktville strives to make veganism more accessible. With FIAPOs help, we aim to spread awareness amongst people regarding the cruel food choices they are stuck with and to provide them delicious and nutritive dairy-free alternatives to help them shift to cruelty-free choices“.

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