This circus used dogs for performance without license and treated them with the utmost cruelty. They also shifted their camp very frequently to avoid being prosecuted. FIAPO, with the help of its national network, tracked down the circus to Madurai, Tamil Nadu. The circus’ ill treatment of animals was documented with photographs and videos, which showed animals being beaten to teach them tricks; starved; tied up for more than 22 hours a day; and not given basic medical care. The dogs were extremely emaciated and had skin infections. One of them was even being used for breeding illegally.

Dog being forced to perform at Global circus       

The dogs on their way to rehab

This information was submitted with a complaint to the government licensing agency, who directed seizure of animals. FIAPO mobilized local organisations to confiscate all three dogs from the circus and rehabilitate them at a shelter. Additionally, the circus was also sensitised about the fact that using animals for entertainment was inhuman, unethical and even failed the primary intention of drawing audience. Following this, the circus signed a formal agreement to never use animals again. Global circus is the eighth circus to declare itself an animal free circus. With this trend, we are hopeful that all circuses will voluntarily give up performing with animals ad turn into human-only enterprises.