Government, media and schools come together to spread awareness about the #RabiesFreeKerela movement.

In some of the recent developments of FIAPO’s #RabiesFreeKerala movement, we are happy to welcome the Education Department’s collaboration with the Animal Husbandry Department to educate children about dog-bite prevention.
This association is an important one to eliminate the human dog conflict in the state. With this, the Rabies Free Kerala movement secured permission from the State Education Department, Trivandrum, to conduct educational sessions on dog-bite prevention in government schools. The movement has also garnered the support of local media after conducting a workshop to sensitise them about dog-bite prevention, the myths surrounding it, and responsible reporting of dog bite issues.

Initiated in November 2016 by FIAPO, the #RabiesFreeKerala movement helps create awareness on rabies and dog-bite prevention, and works with the state government to implement effective Animal Birth Control and Anti-Rabies Vaccination (ABC/ARV) Programmes. In the past quarter, the campaign has also actively perused the government for counseling dog-bite victims and communities.


A leading expert in street-dog population management, Mrs. Annie Varghese, from the state Animal Husbandry Department is the resource person for the educational drives in schools. Three such drives have already happened in the recent past.

Another session on dog-bite prevention was conducted in Ambalakkoth, a village in Kozhikode district, Kerala by NSS volunteers. There were 200 people in the audience, and the volunteers also went door to door to speak about how to behave around dogs and about controlling rabies.

The media workshop organised by the movement in Trivandrum recently, involved leading media houses that were not only sensitised, but also requested to responsibly report dog bite cases, spreading the scientific and peaceful resolutions to the human-dog conflict.

You too can join the movement and help make a difference to thousands of innocent lives of both dogs and humans! Build a #RabiesFreeKerala by urging the State Government to Implement Animal Birth Control and Anti- Rabies Vaccination Programmes – Click Here