Grants to Curb Illegal Slaughter in your City!

While we believe all forms of exploitation of animals is unethical, our constitution allows for certain forms of ‘use’ of animals. One such allowance is consumption of animals as food- which results in hundreds of thousands of animals being slaughtered every day across the country. While such killing is allowed under specific rules and conditions, none of the facilities we investigated across the country confirm to these. To curb such mindless killing of animals, FIAPO launched the #StopSlaughterCruelty campaign.

After successfully piloting in Jaipur, the campaign has now expanded to 10 new cities- Bangalore, Chennai, Hyderabad, Mumbai, Indore, Raipur, Delhi, Dehradun, Ahmedabad and Kolkata!

We are now inviting organisations from the above cities to partner with us in order to curb the growing menace of illegal slaughter. To this end, FIAPO is mobilising grants of up to INR 1, 80,000 per annumand making them available for local organisations who can lead the campaign in their city!

Campaign Objectives and actions to be fulfilled by participating Organisations:-
  • Inspection of meat shops and slaughterhouses in the city.
  • Filing of complaints against illegal establishments with the Local Municipality and Food Safety Department.
  • Lobbying with regulatory bodies for implementation of rules and for prompt action to be taken against illegal establishments.
  • Pro-active awareness building surrounding illegal slaughter and unsafe meat.
  • Coverage and Promotion of campaign actions in the local media.
  • Sensitization of all stakeholders to the issue.
  • Developing an advanced and much robust system for proper housing and maintenance of animals.

We aim to support organisations and individuals taking up the campaign with resources, material and the required visibility on all physical and digital platforms. This grants programme aims at encouraging the young and upcoming Animal Protection groups, in order to develop capacity and to grow and strengthen our national network.

If you are a dedicated individual or an activist group who shares our compassion,
please apply to us at 
prashanth@fiapo.org today!