Great Gemini circus was one among those which regularly toured the country and forced animals to perform tricks with no regard to the law of the land. The circus was in possession of 17 dogs, 4 exotic birds and 3 horses while camping at Greater Noida, Uttar Pradesh. The circus was using them for performance despite not having permission from the AWBI to do so. Suring an earlier inspection, SPCA Noida, which holds custody of the animals now, had cautioned the circus against using animals without license. However, the circus had ignored the same and continued animal performances.

After weeks of tracking the circus, activists were able to prove that animals were being used for perform unnatural tricks and were subject to cruel training. Following a complaint about the same, the AWBI directed the district administration to confiscate and rehabilitate the animals, and authorised its officers to facilitate the same. Having gotten wind of the same, the circus removed 4 dogs which were injured and 4 parrots to an unknown location. The two elephants in their custody and reported to be used for performance were also removed. A case has been registered against the circus for the same, after the remaining animals were moved to safe custody for treatment and care.

The inspection by AWBI officers revealed widespread cruelty to animals and a total disregard to guidelines for care, upkeep, and performance with the animals. There were dogs with fractured limbs and cataract. The horses showed aggressive behavior due to continued abuse. There was also illegal breeding of dogs with two of them being heavily pregnant. In the ring, dogs were kicked about and birds prodded with sharp sticks to make them perform.

With the present rescue and the ensuing legal process, we hope to show the inherent cruelty to animals in circuses and make a concerted effort to free all animals from this form of organized cruelty.