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A vibrant city in the South of India is inching towards a vegan revolution – staying afloat stormy tides of conflict, the floods, and much more- the vegan heart of Chennai never stops beating.
This is a monumental shift from one year ago, when Chennai was just beginning to explore outreach for veganism– A youngster with a passion for veganism was exactly the catalyst the city required.  “When you set out to change the world, you need an army of warriors supporting and believing in you- that’s what I was out to build.’,  says Koushik Raghavan, the energetic mobiliser for LivingFree Chennai.

Today, Living Free Chennai is an unstoppable movement – working in different zones, led by multiple volunteers, they hold close to 4 public events a week- leafleting, talks, video outreach, chalktivism and more!
What does it take to get here?
A dedicated team of 20 volunteers, organised and driven to protect the rights of farm animals! When asked how he managed to build such a strong group Koushik says, “It’s about learning from the resources you have in front of you - conversations with fellow activists, outreach sessions, and most importantly the leadership series –they helped build a strong and cohesive group.”

When asked for the essentials of building an active group – he says he swears by these top three methods!
  1. The 48 hour rule ‘Whenever someone contacts you for volunteering –make sure you contact them and involve them in some simple task within 48 hours!  It helps people build ownership and stay connected
  2. Building Ownership – Reward, promote and cultivate ownership – consult volunteers before taking decisions so they feel the group is as much theirs as anyone else’s!
  3. Checking the checklist - Banners, pledge sheets, volunteer coordination – there’s so much to do – check the checklist and you’ll never miss out on any big thing!
“I’d recommend the series to anyone looking to make a difference in the lives of animals – not just passionately - but tangibly, accurately, and smartly!", says Koushik.
So start building your community by checking out the leadership series here

Shweta Sood
Senior Campaign Manager
Federation of Indian Animal Protection Organisations
Our Vegan Oscar Winners!
It was a compassionate win at the Oscar this year, with Vegan celebrities like Emma Stone and Casey Affleck bagging the awards for Best Actress and Best Actor respectively.
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Stamp Away!

The answer to the age old question –Where does a leaflet reader go for more information?  is finally here!

 Living Free Stamp Kits!

 With these kits you can ensure that local leaflets carry your numbers making it easier for people to reach back to you! – Haven’t got yours yet? Get one by writing to us at
Outreach Around the  country!
In other great news, Living Free reached out to more than 20,000 people with cities like Trivandrum, Calicut and Mumbai being the stars of the month! For more info on which city did what – click here!)
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