Member Services: Humane Animal Society gets judicial support


HAS functions as an organization which enables Animal Birth Control – Anti Rabies Vaccination (ABC-ARV). HAS runs sterilizations for street dogs and community cats. Rescue, Rehab and Creating Awareness.

Over the recent years, Coimbatore has seen a rise in the number of cruelty cases. Humane Animal Society in Coimbatore, has always stood up for street animals, however, with the growing apathy of the law enforcement agencies – there was need for greater intervention and stricter measures.

One such case, involved a security guard at a college who beat a dog to death. Killing an animal being a cognizable offence, the matter clearly necessitated an FIR – however the policy had dismissed it as a CSR (Complaint Service Register) and refused to perform any investigation despite providing video evidence to the police station and also the college.

In the absence of legal action, upon a request from Ms. Vasudevan, founder HAS, FIAPO provided legal aid not only in the form of letters and emails. FIAPO swiftly reached out to its Legal Division and sought for advice on the issue and the very next day the legal division had given a detailed solution including checking nature of complaint and addressing letters to higher authorities in case of non-compliance. The two organistaitons then discussed the possible solutions and how to approach authorities in this regard. Post FIAPO’s intervention, HAS has written to the authorities and are looking forward to their response. FIAPO hopes justice is served.