I Love You MOM!


Will I ever leave this place? Is there a better world outside?
This is how Raju feels, remembering his family and friends. He wants to reach out to his mom, to tell her that he is in pain. He regrets the day he was taken by unknown people. He cries in pain when he is forced to stand on small stools, do unnatural tricks and is beaten when he makes mistakes. He sometimes mewls to sleep unfed.

Did Raju's story depress you?

Imagine being an animal in the circus industry! Because this is how animals in circuses are treated every day till they die, of either starvation, mental trauma or succumbing to physical injuries.

FIAPO, with its #EndCircusSuffering campaign, has rescued 167 animals from 13 circuses across the country and mobilised more than 100 activists in 45 organisations spread over 18 states to participate in a national campaign. We are now working towards introducing a complete ban on the use of animals in circuses, so that no more animals like Raju are ever enslaved.

Our campaign has gathered support from lawmakers, advocates and members of the entertainment industry. We now need your support and contribution to reach our goal. Your contribution will create a huge difference in the lives of animals in circuses and once and for all, End Circus Suffering.

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